Cb7 tribute (1990 - 1993 accord)

My Tribute to CB7 Honda Accord (90-93)

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CB7 tribute (2)
Honda CB7 Accord (1990-1993)

93 Accord CB7 f22b1 vtec swap acceleration 0-85
I just got done putting the motor in but it was not tuned yet. But currently its tuned and is a monster

1993 honda accord turbo
my 1993 Honda accord start up with 2 1/2" Exhaust put on no cat straight from the turbo out the back with a dnx fart can

My 90 Honda CB7 Accord
ok this is gonna sound like shit cause i used a 7.0 megapixel digital camera but its all i had...but u can hear my throw out bearing in my tranny going out,and my Exhaust leak but it will still sound like shit cause of the camera too much static