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2001 Lexus IS300 2JZGTE Swap single turbo pt67 18psi 420whp

Swapped on a single turbo with supporting mods, single Walbro 255 780cc injectors, 18psi - 419whp, 2.75" Exhaust which is too small but I needed the car to be quiet, it's daily driven. 35mm external gate w/open dump


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LS1 Swapped Lexus IS300
Skip to about 0:23 to avoid my super boring intro. I was going to put a mod list up but got impatient and wanted to see what the video looked like on YouTube after being uploaded. This is my LS6 swapped Lexus. All work done by myself with some help from Dedicatedmotorsports.com. They supplied my headers, motor and transmission mounts, clutch hydraulics, solid diff bushings, modified oil pan and driveshaft. Everything was great and fit perfect. First I had a 5.3 liter iron block in it with a cam and LS6 intake manifold but I pulled that out and installed the LS6 with a FAST intake and throttle body as well as LS7 lifters, Texas Speed pushrods, g5x3 cam from LG, and that's pretty much it. Planning on selling this engine for a iron block 6.0 and a Supercharger after I paint it, so It'll probably be another year or two before the car is completely done. The car is slightly lighter than a stock 2JZ car but currently has over double the power. I need paint I know. This is actually the first video I've ever shot or edited ever so its not that great and I just wanted to get familiar with both aspects. Shot with a Canon T4i and edited poorly with Vegas Pro. No lights like I needed inside the vehicle and I don't have any sliders or anything yet. Pretty amateur but gear is expensive so it'll take me a little while to get everything I want to make nicer looking videos... Plus some practice and learning.

Turbo S2K vs 2JZ IS300 vs 5.0
S2000 Custom turbo Kit IS300 2JZ Swap w/HKS turbo Modded 5.0 On Spray (100 Shot)

Lexus IS300 2jz GT42 Turbo 560whp 19 psi pump gas
Lexus IS300 GT42 turbo 560whp/450wtq on pump/meth 19psi Dyno sheet: http://i57.tinypic.com/5xu4ag.jpg´╗┐

lexus SC300 2jz na-t almost done
almost done...add me https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004993572788

SRT Turbo IS300
Lexus IS300 SRT Stage 2.75 turbo Kit

Stormtrooper Lexus IS250 Lowered - Road Magnet 2" Drop Springs Installed
ok i finally lowered the Lexus! Watch this video to see how i did it and what the end results were. Check out the Road Magnet springs (www.roadmagnet.com) from the unboxing all the way to the install. If you ask me i think it came out SICK AS HELL. The rims are 20's and the tires are Pirelli 225/30/20 (installed in the previous video). Anyway be sure to subscribe and also hit up my website and check out the forum!! Join, show us your system! www.Stevemeadedesigns.com - Special thanks go out to some of the members of my forum "kandiman", Ray and even a little help from "blue" - they helped me when i really needed it, i didnt know what the hell i was doing at first LOL!

2001 Lexus IS300 2JZGTE swapped for sale - Worcester MA
I have this IS300, with the cleanest, most legitimate 2JZGTE swap in the New England area. Year: 2001 Make: Lexus Model: IS300 Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Mileage: 167,000 on chassis PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION: I have an IS300 with a REAL VVT-i 2JZGTE motor, not the stock IS300 motor with a turbo kit, this is the real deal out of a Toyota Aristo. Transmission is a R154 out of a Toyota Chaser, rear end is a stock IS300 LSD. This swap was done correctly, not some half ass put together IS300 that has lots of loose ends. This is the real deal 4 door Supra/Altezza ready to go. EVERY FACTORY OPTION WORKS INCLUDING: Keyless entry Remote trunk opener Factory Alarm AIR CONDITIONING / CLIMATE CONTROL (YES IT REALLY BLOWS COLD/DRY) Power everything (windows, roof, seats) Heated seats etc. etc. Also has a 10" Kicker sub / Amp and ipod hook up to the factory radio. The Good: Daily Drive-able Fully tuned on a Dyno - Good on the street for every day driving, and awesome when you want it to be (420whp @17psi, have video and Dyno sheets as proof) The funnest yet most practical car I've ever owned Police don't even pay attention to this car No one harasses you to try and "race" because no one has any clue whats in it Very quiet, no loud Exhaust noise at all, almost sounds like an L-Tuned Exhaust, very mellow/low key I wouldn't hesitate to drive this car across the country, thats how solid it is built. Problems: Will not pass MA emissions, the OBD II system is completely bypassed, OBD scanners do not read it what-so-ever Cosmetic issues THATS IT I drive this car daily, I rely on it daily and it gets me around perfectly fine. I and many people I've ever driven with/friends can vouch for and love this car. Some modifications include: Precision PT67 turbo Tubular T4 Manifold Tial 38 mm Wastegate Walbro 255 fuel pump 750cc Bosch Injectors HKS Fuel Rail HKS SSQV Fuel Lab FPR Hallman Boost Controller HKS Type 0 turbo Timer AEM EMS Standalone with Dezod Harness Driveshaft Shop one piece driveshaft Centerforce Carbon Composite Clutch Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel It USED to be automatic as well, therefore it still has the Automatic gauge cluster installed, the reverse light still lights up when you put it in reverse Work Meister S2R wheels - Front - 17x8 +30 Rear - 17x9 +35 No rubbing from the tires, good fitment for everyday driving even on New England roads. Windows are tinted @ 35% Probably forgetting a few things that I haven't listed. This car is the real deal, I cannot stress that enough, there are tons and tons of cars out there that have been put together with little to no effort, rest assured this car is as close to OEM as possible. Please contact me for more information. Why am I selling it? Mortgage I do not owe nor ever owed money on this car, I have had the title in hand ready for a sale. Also have the stock Lexus wheels with brand new tires to go along with the car as well. Contact Dan @ 508-735-2637 - The ONLY trade I would accept is for a MKIV Toyota Supra or Evo 8 / Evo 9 youtube link for Dyno - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94nn_-PADOs&feature=plcp Price: $16,000

2JZ powered BMW M3 clone / 328i with a hefty turbo. Dyno, street pulls, under hood and under carriage shots

is300 with ls3 swap
is300 with ls3 pulling into caffeine and octane

Adam Mao's Manual Gs300 Dyno Tuned by Jeff Tsai
Tuner: Jeff Tsai Shop: NorCalAutoStylez Dyno: DynoJet turbo: CT4-6265 Custom Intercooler Fabrication: Philip Yeung/Spoolin Performance

JZS161 Toyota Aristo 2JZ-GTE Single Turbo Dyno - 565hp @ wheels
2003 JZS161 Aristo - Garrett GTX3582R w .82 Exhaust Housing - 421kw (565hp) @ wheels at 1.54bar (22psi) still running factory automatic 4 speed.

Lexus IS300 Widebody Rear, 2JZ 6-Speed, Modified Altezza Front Bumper, CF Hood - Kimmel Auto Works
This slideshow is a Lexus IS300 that was modified with a rear widebody, molded side skirts, modified altezza front bumper and Intercooler mounts, carbon fiber hood and more! We painted this car Thunder Cloud Metallic Silver. Wheel spacers were added after this slideshow was produced to bring the rear wheels flush. Kimmel Auto Works. You dream it, we build it! www.kimmelautoworks.com

IS300 Startup after motor swap
Aristo motor swapped into IS300.

November FFP Featured Car Of The Month - 1JZ Toyota Pickup
Everyone once and awhile you come across a modern vehicle that truly fits the description of a "Hot Rod". A car built with almost nothing in mind except tire shredding, Exhaust screaming, adrenaline-pumping speed. Gus' 1992 Toyota Pickup is one of those vehicles. What started life as a humble 2WD pickup, now shelters a 1JZ 2.5L Inline 6 turbo engine with a single GT30r turbo force-feeding it -- all backed by a stout 5-speed transmission and a spool-locked rear differential. A stealth black Intercooler and piping blend into the front bumper to lead unsuspecting Mustang drivers to believe there is nothing special about this dented, rusting, poor man's work truck prior to it screaming away from them full-steam, taillights fading in the night. But the scary part is -- it's only on a factory tune pushing a measly 12.5PSI of Boost. With the help of a wideband O2 and an SAFC, Gus plans to spend some time in the near future turning his dreamcrusher up even more. Future plans include bigger, better brakes, and making the body more cosmetically attractive as well. But one thing is for sure, whether it's running a basic tune or turned up over 400+whp, this truck will be sure to put a smile on your face and leave you giggling like a school girl as you destroy the perfectly good meats on the rear wheels.

Some fun on the streets 1/12/2012 - Turbo Lexus GS300 vs 74mm Supra vs Lexus IS300
Going on a short cruise with a few buddies. Just a little bit of highway action in Mexico!

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2004 Lexus IS300 GT35R Turbo: 11.090 @ 130.150
Tom, Engine: 2jz, Turbos: GT35R Tires: mt et streets

2001 Lexus IS300 IS: 11.990 @ 120.000
Carlos Ariza, Engine: 2JZGE -T, Supercharger: none Turbos: T04E 60-1 Tires: BF Drag Radials

2003 Lexus IS300 : 12.002 @ 119.790
Mario, Engine: 2JZ with GTE block, Turbos: T-60 T04 Tires: BF DR 225/45/17

2005 Lexus IS300 SPORT: 12.071 @ 118.530
Dave Donnell, Engine: 2JZ-GTE, Turbos: GT40-67 Tires: NITTO 245 45 17

2001 Lexus IS300 Turbo: 12.294 @ 119.040
Isif, Engine: 2jz-ge w/ TT internals, Turbos: To4e 60 Tires: Toyo T1-R

2002 Lexus IS300 Twin Turbo: 12.350 @ 117.000
Zac, Engine: 2jz-gte vvti swap, Supercharger: na Turbos: Two ct-12b's Tires: Advan Neova

2003 Lexus IS300 Turbo: 12.369 @ 115.980
Mario, Engine: 2JZ with GTE shortblock, Turbos: Turbonetics T-60 .58a/r Tires: BFGoodrich DR 225/45/17

2003 Lexus IS300 In-Line 6, 4 Door: 12.620 @ 109.420
Jonel Guihama, Engine: 3.0 2JZGE VVT-i (port & polish), Supercharger: n/a Turbos: Rev Hard T3/T04E Tires: 215/45WR-17

2003 Lexus IS300 Turbonetics kit: 12.750 @ 114.950
Braddy, Engine: 2JZGE-T, Turbos: Turbonetics T-60 T04 Tires: BF Drag Radials 225/45/17

2002 Lexus IS300 Sports Sedan: 12.820 @ 118.090
Rob Rodriguez, Engine: 2JZ 3.0L, Turbos: PTE71GTS

2001 Lexus IS300 Turbo: 13.100 @ 113.430
Rey, Engine: 3.0L 2JZ GE, Turbos: T04E Tires: 235 40ZR17

2002 Lexus IS300 : 13.700 @ 106.000
Mark Miller, Turbos: Stage 2 - SRT

2002 Lexus IS300 Supercharger: 13.876 @ 104.070
-SuperleX-iS-, Engine: 2JZ-GE, Supercharger: ATI Procharger C-2 Turbos: N/A Tires: 225/45WR-17

2003 Lexus IS300 SportDesing: 14.383 @ 99.490
Braddy, Engine: Stock 2JZ-GE, Tires: BFGoodrich KDW 215/40zr18

2001 Lexus IS300 Supercharged: 14.715 @ 98.148
muto, Engine: 3.0, Supercharger: lms SS Turbos: n/a Tires: 215.35.19

2001 Lexus IS300 4-door Auto: 15.174 @ 94.210
rllinghardis300, Engine: 2JZ-GE 6 cylinder 3.0 L,

2002 Lexus IS300 Sedan: 15.325 @ 90.740
Mrcs007, Engine: Internally Stock 2JZ-GE, Tires: Kuhmo Ecsta SPT 225 40 18

2004 Lexus IS300 : 15.500 @ 90.000

2003 Lexus IS300 : 15.510 @ 90.230
Mr. J, Engine: stock 3.0L 215-horse inline-6, Tires: 215/45WR-17

2001 Lexus IS300 Supercharger: 15.589 @ 91.464
muto, Engine: 3.0, Supercharger: lms SS Turbos: n/a Tires: 215.35.19


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