2004 2.9L Whipple Cobra

04 Whipple Cobra. 2.9L Whipple, Comp Stage 3 cams, Kooks Long-tubes with O/R X-pipe and Magnaflow Cat-back. Made 675 RWHP with the stock 3.5" Whipple Pulley.

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2.9L Whipple SVT Cobra
2.9L Whipple SVT Cobra www.calibercustoms.com

2004 SVT Cobra 2.9L Whipple first start-up / idle / walk around
Just installed a Whipple 2.9L on my 04 Cobra along with a Lethal Performance budget return fuel system. The car is being tuned remotely by Eric Brooks of Brooksspeed tuning. so far I am very happy with what Eric has done, the car started right up and idles perfect without any issues the first time. Wide open throttle tune and HP/TQ numbers coming soon.

2003 cobra powered by 2.9 Whipple on e85 ethanol
My 03 cobra equipped with a 2.9 whipple on e85 ethanol. 722 rwhp and 649 tq. Tuned by fastlane motorsports.

2.9 whipple cobra 19psi
Jim's 2.9 whipple cobra @ 19psi 670/617