World fastest snowmobile: Bonneville, 211.5 mph

G-Force-1, the world fastest sled, wide open on the Bonneville salt flats at the Mike Cook landspeed shootout

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Honda Concept Snowmobile
An all electric powered snowmobile weighing in at under 100kg. Students degree project, check out This project is coming up for 3 years old. If I did as everybody keeps saying and redesigned it as gas with maybe a long track and better sound track. At least tell me what you guys would want. Post anything from music to design ideas that would actually help. Even go look at what mission R are up to:

750hp snowmobile start up #2

Speed Demon 426 mph Run - Cockpit View
The Speed Demon streamliner makes a 426 mph pass at Bonneville this week. This video shows the cockpit view from just over driver George Poteet's right shoulder.

2008 Celebration of Lakes: Radar Run
In late January 2008, after weeks of single digit highs and sub zero lows, Old Man Winter gave us a weekend of wonderful highs in the 20s on Saturday and up into the 30s on Sunday. It happened to correspond with the Celebration of Lakes held in Center City MN. The Celebration of Lakes is sponsored each year by the Chisago Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, check their website for dates. This clip is of the Ted Haines Memorial Radar Run and the old snowmobile show, and features a nice run from "Modzilla".