World fastest snowmobile: Bonneville, 211.5 mph

G-Force-1, the world fastest sled, wide open on the Bonneville salt flats at the Mike Cook landspeed shootout

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Honda Concept Snowmobile
An all electric powered snowmobile weighing in at under 100kg. Students degree project, check out This project is coming up for 3 years old. If I did as everybody keeps saying and redesigned it as gas with maybe a long track and better sound track. At least tell me what you guys would want. Post anything from music to design ideas that would actually help. Even go look at what mission R are up to:

Speed Demon 426 mph Run - Cockpit View
The Speed Demon streamliner makes a 426 mph pass at Bonneville this week. This video shows the cockpit view from just over driver George Poteet's right shoulder.

How to start a 2 Stroke thats been sitting THE EASY WAY - DIY
DIRECTIONS: Take your MIX oil from either the jug, or your resivour, drop about a teaspoon worth into each cylinder, put the spark plugs back in and as long as you have gas up to the carb or injectors it will fire right up generally. The oil creates a barrier between the rings and the cylinder wall, creating compression, especially on an engine that hasn't ran in quite a while, or if you have rolled or stalled your sled and it wont start because the cylinder walls have been washed with gas and there is no compression. So far this works on 2-stroke like dirt bikes and snowmobiles and four stroke engines such as a fourwheeler. Also worked on my old lawn mower. I have only tried this with the MIX oil that I use in the sled, not regular motor oil, and unsure if regular oil would work the same? Comments would be great. Just thought I would share the trick.

Snowmobile Climbs Big Nasty Pro Hillclimb
Marc Burchtorf pointed his sled up the Pro course at the Big Nasty Hillclimb in Payette Idaho, and just made it look way too easy! #motorfist #ridedry #ruggedbydesign