Chris Brown Rides in a 2400 Horsepower Drifting Semi truck and Has A Blast!!! What do you get when you have a famous R & B singer/songwriter, a Hollywood Stuntman, a Professional Racing Driver throwing violent 360's in a race prepped Dodge Challenger and a Semi Truck in Gulf Oil colors Drifting in the same video? PURE AWESOMENESS!!! Samuel Hubinette invited his friend Mike Ryan and his racing truck out to Irwindale Speedway for a test and tune session. Sam is getting ready for a drift event in Las Vegas and Mike Ryan is performing a drift demo at the race and both drivers were out at the speedway sharpening their skills. Singer Chris Brown showed up later in the day with some of his "toys" and hopped in the truck for a ride. Chris was there with a film crew to shoot scenes for his new music video for Yoko featuring Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa & Big Krit - Yoko . As you can see from his was a great time...he was a gamer! Stay tuned for another video showing all of the days events including a ride-along with a very special kid battling cancer and Sam in his Challenger drifting with Mike in his Big Rig! Go check out Mikes Facebook page and say hello!

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Car Rollover - Behind the Scenes Stunt Feature
Check out this cool "behind the scenes" feature on a car rollover performed by stuntman Tom Harper ( This is normally called a cannon turn-over but Tom designed a system that uses a retractable arm that makes it safer for the surrounding cast and crew. It works great and creates a pretty violent wreck...which we capture with an on board camera so you can ride along with the stunt! Don't forget to subscribe and enjoy your drive.

Car Stunt Thrill Show - Saturday Night Short Track Special FEATURE Professional Stunt Man James Smith and his friend Sam Young travel the Country to put on these "home grown" auto thrill shows like the originators of stunt driving did back in the 50's and 60's. So grab a beverage and come along for the ride as we meet James, Sam and some great local people and see what it takes to put on a grass roots auto thrill show. The ISCARS series that James tours with is "The World's Premier Stock Car Tuner Racing Series" including cars like the Honda Accord, Ford Focus and Chevy Cobalt and producing great bumper to bumper and door to door racing! Check them out online to see if they come to a track near you.

Aluminum Heads and Supercharger Install on the Ford Small Block for the Mustang We officially have Boost installed on the Mustang engine! In this video I show a How To style installation of the freshly rebuilt Holley Aluminum Heads that I took to Jim Grubbs Motorsports for a complete rework and upgrade... and then mount the Weiand 174 Power Charger to the Holley aluminum intake manifold! - If you want to skip right to the Super Charger install go to 8:15 but the head install is pretty good if you haven't ever done that before. By the end of the video you will get a glimpse of the almost completed front drive system as well. I bought a 150 amp alternator and new A/C pump and will probably use a stock style steering pump for the new Total Control Products rack and pinion steering setup going on the car for now and may need to upgrade to a racing pump later. The only modification to the pulley system was the cut at the bottom of the alternator bracket to get rid of the smog pump since this is going in a pre 1975 vehicle. Stay tuned for future videos for the final dial in on the front drive systems and when we get this thing back in the car for first start up! Thanks for watching...don't forget to share and subscribe!!! Jason lewis

SIZE MATTERS - EPIC GYMKHANA Semi Truck Drift Stunt Feature
WATCH SIZE MATTERS 2 AT THIS LINK: Gymkhana Semi Truck Awesome Feature. At the old El Toro Air Base where Ken Block performed the Gymkhana 1 feature.