OUTLAW 10.5 CRASH - Shawn Zubler Crashes His '99 Trans Am

Shawn Zubler slams his Nitrous injected BBC into the wall at Atlanta Dragway.

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Huntsville $10,000 Outlaw 10.5 Highlights
DVD NOW AVAILABLE ..... http://www.urbanhillbilly.us A few scenes from Mike Hill's Outlaw 10.5/ Limited Street race at Huntsville Dragway July 2009. Full event will be available on the 'Door Car Chaos 2009 vol 3' DVD at http://www.urbanhillbilly.us in early August.

Drag car goes air born, Camera man dives for safety!!!
CARNAGE FEST 2 DVD IS READY..... http://www.urbanhillbilly.us.....My recent close call from the Tomato Nats at Immokalee Dragstrip. Wishing a speedy recovery to the driver who was pretty banged up. I dove over the fence to avoid death..... Check out http://www.urbanhillbilly.us for more insane drag racing clips and DVDs

Door Car Chaos 09 v4 DVD Intro (crash)
Intro from new DVD and a few scenes from ADRL St Louis . Check out http://www.urbanhillbilly.us for the best in Heads Up Drag Racing Action!

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