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Brainerd Int'l Raceway , Old 8mm Movie , David's early SCCA years , from Solo II 1973 - 1979 , to Regionals and Nationals with the Mustang , 1980 - 1984 . David Drove George Bachelders Bobsy "D" Sports Racer in SCCA Regionals and Nationals , 1984 - 1989 . Started Vintage Racing in 1990 with the Mustang . This starts in May 1980 SCCA driver school , Sept. 1980 First Regional , 1981 Brainerd Sprints , This piece ends with 81' Road America Kettle Moriane Regional .

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1980 SCCA GT-3 National Championship (full race)
Another 'repost' after deleting a playlist. Tom Davey takes one in a 'tin-top'. IIRC, he was a "full-tilt" VW guy, had a couple in aircooled Super Vees before he started running watercooled cars and might have had some factory interest. Please recall that this was at the end of the era where SCCA wins actually sold street cars for the companies who participated. He didn't get it without some healthy competition, though. Bruce Nesbitt actually found himself a few rides in IMSA RS and Trans Am. Only other thing about the drivers that I can add is that Hubert Duprez stuck with it long enough to win Gold in 1991 and 1993. He was SEDIV, but can't recall what Region. I think I actually have one of his team's T-shirts over here. Raw footage of the event, I left in the pieces where they're trying to make post-production stuff for the "highlight film" that would have been actually broadcast.

1979 Laguna Seca Trans-AM
Last half of the Trans-AM race from Laguna Seca,CA

1980 SCCA Runoffs
1980 SCCA Runoffs

Gran Turismo Jaguar E-Type
1980 National SCCA Champion Jaguar. First production sports car to turn over 100mph lap average at Road Atlanta. Yes, faster than big block Corvettes and Cobras. The Jaguar, Datsuns & TR8s (C production) were running faster lap times than most B production cars, at this time. Eventually they wound up in newly formed GT1 class.