Chevy Corsica Straight Pipe

Before and after video of cutting off the cat and muffler. Its a 4 cylinder.

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95 Mustang 2.5" Straight Pipe LOUD!
Here's my 95 Mustang, was orig a V6 and 5 speed but I converted it to a carbureted 414 Windsor and C4 auto. 429HP and 481 Ft lbs. Havent had time to paint the hood yet so shut up if youre gonna harass me about it. Goin to the body shop soon. 3.27 posi in the 8.8 rear and a set of Torque Thrust II's. Enjoy

Straight pipe 4 cyl s10

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1990 Chevy Corsica
This car I can only wish of owning. In my opinion, it is a very nice car. It is one, you just don't see the current ruined exterior, you only see potential, and future good times. That is IF I can get this car.