H22A coupe with H22A wagon following and shooting video

doing some pulls against a friend but he couldnt hold the camera and drive that well lol

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H22 Del Sol vs AP2 S2000
Me putting my dads s2k to the test!

B18-Hatch vs H22 coupe
roll: 80-125 i started in 4th =/ CAMERA CAR IS H22 Some guy claims to have 10K under the hood of his hatch!LOOKS LIKE A STOCK GSR TO ME!! H22 has I/E and p13. was on my wa to FL for p28 n get tuned on chrome.

H22 rebuild

The mountain at 100+ MPH in H22 Accord
just running through the mountain ... NO SOUND !!!!!!!! it was taken with a digi cam with no sound ... 100 + MPH H22 92 coupe ... No speedometer guessing speed by tach to be between 100 all the way up to at least 120 MPH