DeTomaso Pantera in Spa-Francorchamps

Classic Endurance Racing in Spa Francorchamps 2010, Michael Erlich (CH) in a DeTomaso Pantera Group IV.

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1972 De Tomaso Pantera Gr4 Ex- Works Racecar (Incredible V8 Sound at Spa)
This Detomaso Pantera was at one of the early test days at Spa-Francorchamps this year! There were two of these cars, both very interesting and both very loud! You can watch the video of the other Pantera here: There were some other interesting cars at this Test Day as well which will be featured in future videos! As for now, I hope you enjoyed watching this one! Consider subcribing if you did, a comment/like is always appreciated as well. And if you think your friends might like this video, don't hesitate about sharing it! Thanks for watching! Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook! Download high resolution pictures for free on our Flickr page!

Detomaso Pantera Racecar (Rough Sound)
A beautiful Detomaso Pantera test racing at the Spa Test days! This car was also present at the Le Mans Classic but wasn't able to race due to some technical difficulties. Sad but true! Read everything about this car here! Be sure to check out the other Panteras of the owner as well, a few of them have got a great story. Thanks for watching the video! Consider leaving a like or comment and maybe even subscribe if you enjoy our content! We do the best we can to upload videos on a weekly basis. In case you didn't see our message on Twitter or Google +, my external hard drive broke a few weeks ago causing me to lose loads of footage from the other 2 spa test days. Luckily I already uploaded the most interesting videos of those 2 days but still, I could have gotten 15-20 more good videos out of what I filmed there. And making a backup of 1080p videos isn't the easiest thing to do as you need loads of space. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more! HistoricRacingHD's goal: "Cars of today are made by those of the past. We're here to keep those legends alive." Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Google +! Like us on Facebook! Download high resolution pictures for free on our Flickr page!

De Tomaso Pantera Qualification Spa 2015 onboard cam
Pantera Gr4 Qualifying pole time Spa 2015 from Braun Motorsport with Kelleners driving

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