Chris's Lexus SC300 Compound Turbo Test

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Chris Johnson's 1995 Compound Turbo Lexus SC300
Here is a short interview with Chris Johnson talking about his trip to the Texas Mile in October of 2009. He hit over 191mph.

How the Briggs Turbo Compounded Engine Works
A brief description of how the turbo compounded briggs is supposed to operate. Due to efficiency problems with the homemade turbine, housing and the power transfer friction drive, it doesn't work the way it should. However, from what I have read, most companies especially in the 1950s era had serious problems developing turbo-compounded engines also! Thus, I half expected I would have compounded problems with this project :) Nonetheless, it was an interesting project to design and build on a shoestring budget, hope you found my Exhaust valve turbine an interesting design.

What is Turbo Compounding?
turbo compounding is using a turbine to extract energy from the engine Exhaust, then directing it back to the crankshaft thru gears or another power transfer method. It can increase the overall effciency of an engine by reovering some of the wasted Exhaust heat.

First startup Volvo Amazon -62 Compound turbo setup
First start Volvo Amazon -62 with B234 Compound turbo setup. MaxxECU engine management. More info at: