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Chris's Lexus SC300 Compound Turbo Test


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Chris Johnson's 1995 Compound Turbo Lexus SC300
Here is a short interview with Chris Johnson talking about his trip to the Texas Mile in October of 2009. He hit over 191mph.

What is Turbo Compounding?
turbo compounding is using a turbine to extract energy from the engine Exhaust, then directing it back to the crankshaft thru gears or another power transfer method. It can increase the overall effciency of an engine by reovering some of the wasted Exhaust heat.

How the Briggs Turbo Compounded Engine Works
A brief description of how the turbo compounded briggs is supposed to operate. Due to efficiency problems with the homemade turbine, housing and the power transfer friction drive, it doesn't work the way it should. However, from what I have read, most companies especially in the 1950s era had serious problems developing turbo-compounded engines also! Thus, I half expected I would have compounded problems with this project :) Nonetheless, it was an interesting project to design and build on a shoestring budget, hope you found my Exhaust valve turbine an interesting design.

Turbo SC300 in car video
Hal's turbo SC300 in car video WWW.turbo6.net

marcs compound turbo april 23rd
please note: both shots are from a tripod!!!

First startup Volvo Amazon -62 Compound turbo setup
First start Volvo Amazon -62 with B234 Compound turbo setup. MaxxECU engine management. More info at: http://forum.savarturbo.se/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=72059

Turbo Antic
A short video about Marc's car.

Marc's Z31 2JZ Compound Turbo 10.5@144.78, San Antonio Raceway
This was Marc's final run of the night as well as best run. A shout out to Boost Logic, Tuning Concepts, Nick, S.W., Cody and all the other people who came out in support are in order, CHEERS!

Bullseye Power Compound Turbo Jet Throttling Up

RWD Talon, first two runs on Compound Turbos
Finally got Boost control on the compound turbos sorted out. This setup runs a 50 trim spooling a 75mm T6 BW S400, in series (compounded).

Streetfighters Compound turbo 2JZ31
Here is a video to get a good idea of how fast Streetfighter's compound turbo gt35r / gt45r kit builds Boost. He hits a full 24psi by 3500rpm. This is a 40mph roll to about 170mph or so.

Boost Logic Twin Turbo (compound) test drive
Boost Logic Twin turbo (Compound) test drive. SC50 and GT42-74 running 24 psi of Boost (spiking 27 psi)

Marc's 2JZ Turbo Compound Setup
I was able to catch Marc at Boost Logic for just a second and got him to explain his turbo compound setup.

slammed 93 sc300 for sale
for sale in southern california (exterior)

twin charged 350Z Built by Aaron Eddington
turbo charged and supercharged 350z. I built it here in germany. Using Stillens stage 3 Supercharger kit and STS rear mount turbo kit with a GT35R Garrett upgrade on 1BAR stock internals. Tial 50mm BOV, tial wg, clutch masters fx4000 clutch w/fw, DPE st-10 Wheels. 19x10 front 19x11 rear. 245/35/R19 rear NiTTo NT555 225/25/R19 front. K sport suspension, Rose Diamond car Wrap. Carbon fiber hatch, stillen splitter.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1993 Lexus SC300 : 9.140 @ 152.000
brett, Engine: 2jz-gte, Turbos: 7675 PTE Tires: Hoosier 28x10.5

1993 Lexus SC300 : 9.400 @ 146.300
astrologo, Engine: 2jzgte, Turbos: gt4276 Tires: MT drag radial 28/10.5

1994 Lexus SC300 SC600: 10.680 @ 126.000
Sean Miller, Engine: LQ4, Tires: 275-60-15 MT ET street

1993 Lexus SC300 T67 Turbo TH400: 11.170 @ 121.930
Daniel, Engine: Stock, Turbos: T67 Tires: ET Street Radial

1995 Lexus SC300 5-speed with BoostLogic T67 Kit: 12.454 @ 119.250
Daniel P, Engine: 2JZ-GE, Turbos: T67 Tires: 245/45-17 Fuzions

1993 Lexus SC300 TE04 Turbo: 13.275 @ 111.560
Rodney Dean, Engine: 2jz-ge stock, Turbos: TE04 Tires: cheap and bald

1991 Lexus SC300 gt: 13.381 @ 107.000
avi, Engine: 1jzgte, Turbos: stock twinz Tires: 235-45-17

1993 Lexus SC300 1jzgte turbo: 14.453 @ 95.460
Lawrence, Engine: 1jzgte, Turbos: c12a Tires: 215.60.16

1996 Lexus SC300 : 15.580 @ 90.760
Johnny B,

1994 Lexus SC300 : 15.885 @ 87.660
Brad Bradley, Engine: 2jz-ge, Tires: 255 in rear

1995 Lexus SC300 : 15.930 @ 89.900

1995 Lexus SC300 4sp automatic: 16.216 @ 87.360
Inabj2, Engine: 2jz-ge 3.0L I-6, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: 225/50/16s falken GR451betas

1995 Lexus SC300 : 16.700 @ 87.500


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