the professionals born to be wild ( silver capri)

fan vid... not really about the lads, but my fab car the CAPRI. OK have my new toy , the effects, but I`ll try not to overdo it *lol*. Yeah it is the silver Capri.... my loved one, wish I had one. ;-) ( and the driver, umpf)

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The professionals crash... the CAPRI
Fan Vid... Not a lads vid, but my fab car. I love this car. It `s a dream. Not usual for this channel..*grin*

the professionals the race! Bodie´s Capri 3,0S
Fan vid, fasten your seat-bells... Bodie is driving !!!!!! A Capri Vid.

the professionals Bodie the wild one
Fan Vid, a little fun and action with Bodie

the professionals "Bodie talk"
Fan Vid. Time for fun again... here are some of my favorite "Bodie talks ". Have fun :-) ;-)