srt8 challenger gets rear ended

Brand new limited edition srt8 challenger get hit at a stop light and is caught on my gopro. :)

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Rear Ended at Light After Stop
On the way home on Friday of Labor Day weekend. I think that the driver of the car that hit me must have been messing with a cell phone or GPS because he came to a complete stop then slowly inched forward into me. The saddle bag on the right side of the bike (where the car impacted) was broken and is the only real damage. Edit: It's ridiculous that this is necessary, but stop posting stupid comments about Asian drivers. They're stupid, unfunny, and unoriginal, and I'm just removing them anyway.

Rollover Caught on Dashcam
At 1:01 I zoom into the accident. The driver of the boxvan was following too close (I bet you he was on his phone) and rear-ended the SUV square in the butt when traffic began to slow down. Luckily, the driver of the blue SUV was OK with the exception of some road rash and cuts, and a nurse driving by came and helped and gave proper care until EMS arrived. The boxvan pulled over down the road. This took place in Riverside, CA. { © Bad Drivers of Southern Califronia } This video belongs to Bad Drivers of Southern California. Please do not use this video without my permission. Dashcam setup (skip to 1:08 in the video):

Ram SRT10 Vs Charger SRT8 plus bonus
run emmmmmm

Two Turkeys on Thanksgiving Wrecking their Corvettes in The Woodlands
Check out the REMIX: I shot this video of 2 Corvettes drag racing on my way to pick up our Thanksgiving Turkey. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen b/c of the conditions and testosterone flowing between these two. No one was hurt, only the drivers egos. Video of Anderson Cooper CNN Ridiculist TV Feature Video of News Coverage from Fox 26 Houston Video of News Coverage from ABC 13 Houston 2 Corvettes Wreck rvette-owners/ ight-drag-race-fail ette-street-race-wreck-on-video/article_61cd8d9b-605d-5251-9ef5-4c2d25ab9d2 d.html "corvettes racing", "corvette race", "corvette wreck", "corvette fail", "turkey corvette", "corvette wrecking", "corvette crashing", "AC360 Ridiculist", "Anderson Cooper 360 Ridiculist", "Gum Smacking Corvette"