07 tacoma open headers

2007 tacoma 4.0 V6 with open headers before installing cats and pipes...

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LOUD EXHAUST Makes Airbags BLOW at 140mph!!! **CRAZY**
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Toyota Tacoma True Dual Exhaust
2007 Toyota Tacoma True Dual Exhaust, 2/4 cats taken out. 2 1/4 pipe run to two 29 inch cherry bomb glasspacks out to 5 inch tips. Note Ill post another video when I get Dynomax bullets thrown under there.

Wicked Exhaust on my 08 Tacoma
Don't hear too many Tacoma's sound like this! It's a Wicked Flows Exhaust.

Durmax vs. Tacoma 4x4 Tug of War
Jeff and Dustin at the Lake, thats what I love about Sunday.