07 tacoma open headers

2007 tacoma 4.0 V6 with open headers before installing cats and pipes...

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Wicked Exhaust on my 08 Tacoma
Don't hear too many Tacoma's sound like this! It's a Wicked Flows Exhaust.

BMW M4 vs Toyota Tacoma Snow Tow
Which has more towing creds in the snow, a 4WD Toyota Tacoma or a RWD BMW M4? Only one way to find out for sure. Find me on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/kiwinicktube Find me on Twitter here https://twitter.com/nick_murray Find me on Instagram here http://instagram.com/droppedbaby1

Keep in mind I live at 6,500 ft above sea level. everything is warranted for the factory life of the warranty on the truck! when that is up I will have to upgrade the intake and pulley!!!

Toyota Tacoma Tour 2016 Montréal
This is very very bad quality video folks... sorry. I didn't think to allow for glare where I was shooting inside the truck, and the sunlight across the lens protector washed out much of the film. I am only uploading it for those of you who are curious what the 2016 Toyota Tacoma will be like, as I had the opportunity to see this pre-production model at the Toyota Tacoma Tour 2016 event in Montréal.