Mitsubishi Lancer Oz Rally 2003 - a.ka. "My New Car"

Yes i know this is a really bad video, and i will make a better one later....

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oz rally lancer burnout
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a short video of the most current modifications to our 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Oz-Rally Edition . Since our last video we have added new rims , spoiler , racing seats , and a few other visual mods. We only really need new headlights and then the rest goes to prepping the car for a turbo kit .

MOD 2015 - Mitsubishi Owner's Day | A.L. Media
Heard about the MOD event through YouTuber 370Zforme, so I decided to check it out. The turnout for the event was unbelievable. Evos as far as the eye could see, along with some other classic Mitsubishis. Here is my coverage video, hope you enjoy and thanks for watching. Like, Share, Subscribe if you enjoyed!: Song used: Ark Patrol - Infinity Free Download: Follow Ark Patrol Soundcloud: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter:

Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 (MOD 2015)
Well its been a year and now its finally time to go back to where it started for us. Its been a long journey but we had a BLAST this whole time. This video repsents our one year anniversary and we want to thank everyone who supported, watched, and who been with us on the journey. Just know its cause of your support that we keep continuing so to all our fans, viewers, supporters, those who helped out, this WHOLE COMMUNITY, everyone THANK YOU. We ain't done yet we still got more on the way so starting with MOD so stay tuned. Hosted by Michael Taft instagram/Snapchat @odi_taft Grip Kevin instagram @yoboikevin12 Filmed and edited by The Gee Designs Instagram @gdubbe Twitter @thegeedesigns Snapchat @dageminidragon Music Created and Provided By Happy Singh with majormovezproductions