VW 2165 cc

vw monti racing

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vw monti racing

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vw monti racing

New 2007cc vw stroker engine
Short drive of brand new 2007cc stroker motor in '73 standard beetle. 78mm AA crank, 90.5mm AA P&C's, H-beam 5.5in. chevy journal rods, mild ported 040 heads with dual springs and stock ratio rockers, FK43 cam, Empi HMPX 44 carbs and 1 5/8" unknown brand merged header with fat boy. Using a stock trans with a 1700lb. pressure plate and a kush disc. Engine was only 3 days old and tune was still a little off but still was able to do about a 7.5 second 0-60 with a fairly soft launch on the new clutch and 165 rear tires. Car had a fuel pump issue I didn't know about at the time and has gotten faster now that is corrected and tune is closer but maybe only 1/2 a second. Using this as a daily so rockers and better heads will be added later. Similar builds are around 120hp.

'67 VW Bug, 2165cc w/ IDA's
First drive on new motor... 178hp at the crank with the belt on, 185ft lbs.