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1958 VW Beetle 2165 IDA Ragtop 1
Drove to the track for some tuning. 2165cc, 40x37 valves in a stock head ported of course, 48 IDA's with 42 vents, FK89 cam, 12 to 1 compression, M&H DOT slicks 215/65, A1 muffler and header, Berg 5speed tranny built by Rancho with 4.25 first stacked to 1.14 fouth and a cruising .89 5th running thru a 3.88 r&p, ERCO wheels 190mm front and 160mm rear, MSD ignition

Vw Leo Turbo 2165cc vs Honda Civic
Autodromo Tijuana 2012 el leo calando su vocho con turbo

2015 EBI 6 - 2165cc 54 Oval. Running 13.13 and 13.15 @ 99mph
2015 European Bug-In 6 at Chimay in Belgium Christophe Cottenie in his 54 oval on a 1300 S chassis from '73. It's a type 1 engine upgraded to 2165 cc. Streeteliminator heads, 37.5 and 44 valves with weber 48 IDA carb's on it. Up against two big named buses the Wind Split and the Fire Bus. Christophe winning both races with a 13.13 @ 99mph v 13.53 @ 104mph and 13.15 @ 99mph v 13.60 @ 99mph Please like the videos, subscribe, check out my facebook page and contact me if you are looking for a video of your vehicle. I may just have one :) https://www.facebook.com/VeeDubRacing

vocho vs mustang
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