DIO 50 Crank Bearing Removal

This is how I take the dreaded crank bearing off the pressed crankshaft

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Bearing Removal From A Crankshaft
How to remove a main bearing from a crankshaft

Installing thin cut DIO Crank Bearings
This is how I install crankshaft bearings and seal them for optimum performance

Installing main bearings in a Vespa engine
I haven't seen anybody use this method yet. I am too impatient to put things in the freezer overnight and don't like feeling like I'm in a race against time to keep the bearing cold. This method obviously works quickly and easily if you're careful. Playing with a torch and liquid CO2 is obviously dangerous. Both can cause you quite a bit of pain if you're clumsy.

GY6 Stroker Crankshaft Install- SCOOTERS TO GO
This video shows how to install the GY6 crankshaft properly without shifting or damaging bearings. This is highly recommended for all GY6 or 139QMB engines, especially when installing the STG Stroker Crankshaft.