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2013 Toyota Avalon V6 0-60 MPH First Drive Review
( ) The 2013 Toyota Avalon V6 has been redesigned with a much more youthful buyer in mind. Gone is the old-fashioned and somewhat stogy Avalon replaced by a much sleeker and dare we say sportier model that hopes to sell better to a larger demographic of buyers. We recently had the chance to test, drive and review the all new Avalon, and of course to see how fast it will go from 0-60 MPH in San Antonio, Texas. So is the Avalon ready to move out of the country club and into the mainstream? Check out this first drive review to find out.

Новая Тойота Королла 2013-2014 Россия. Обзор. new Toyota Corolla 2014.
Официальное видео с новой Короллой e160-e170 11 поколения. Инсайд! Цены и комплектации есть на сайте

2013 Toyota Corolla S: Full Review
Hello and welcome to CarConfections. Today we will be doing a detailed review of the 2013 Toyota Corolla. For 2013 the Corolla has received some minor changes. These include a new upgraded grille (LE only) and a new 6.1" touchscreen. The engine and the transmission remain the same with the tired but proven 1.8L I-4 and 4 speed automatic transmission. Overall the 2013 Corolla remains a solid choice for anyone looking for a fairly spacious, high quality, and affordable compact car.

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