Supercharged Tundra vs Modded Chevy

Supercharged Tundra vs chevy with head work, ram air, tuned, and others

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tundra vs chevrolet
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تويوتا تندرا vs جمس سييرا
تويوتا تندرا vs جمس سييرا في مخطط الجوهره بالرياض tags : See a comparision between the Toyota Trudra and the GMC Sierra in 3 tests my 5.3 going up against a single cab tundra. sorry for the poor quality it was shot from my cell phone Patrick Maliha and Dean Atwal go head to head on the Toyota Tundra and the Chevy Silverado. The biggest names in the automotive scene join forces with expert automotive journalists to bring you the next generation in automotive television: The New Driver's Seat 25 mph roll 3rd race , all races were N/A no Nitrous. 5.7Tundra My 2008 Toyota Tundra vs my buddies late 80s GMC S15 in the 1/8. The S15 has a 350 v8, RV cam, long tube headers, true dual Exhaust, 4.11 gears, and a spool 2005 GMC Sierra Vs 2009 Dodge Ram Hemi GMC has 305 Horses under the hood and the Hemi has 390 Hp SSG 5.3 extensive head work, forged pistons, aluminum block, cammed, 08 tundra bone stock 5.7 X-terra 4.0L V6 291-hp: Land Cruiser 4.7L V8 271-hp نيسان اكستيرا vs تندرا سوبر جارج و قزووز كامل و فلتر انفينيتي جي 37 فلتر التندرا داس قبل تجمع الجموس في الدوحه قطر

SUPERCHARGED Toyota Tundra TRD vs Lifted GMC Sierra Vortec Max
FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SUBSCRIBE IF YOU CAN HANDLE THIS AWESOMENESS This was filmed at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison Colorado. Elevation is just under 6000 feet above sea level. Check out for more info on the track I make drag racing videos and put them up for everyone to enjoy. Subscribe if that is something you are into! Relevant tags:

Supercharged Tundra 1/4 mile
2008 Toyota Tundra DoubleCab 4x4 5.7, TRD Supercharger, Banks Monster single 3" Exhaust - 13.902 with a .000 light (got lucky!) and 3080 ft elevation. Launched in 4WD.