1964 Ford Taunus transit FK 1000 close ups !!

This guy restored this old firetruck and converted it back into a normal van , look at all the details , as if it was came out of the factory yesterday.

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1953-1965, Ford FK 1000/1250

Ford Transit FK 1000 - die erste fahrt
er ist zwar noch nicht fertig aber fahren tut er schon mal ^^

Taunus Transit käymään
Lähti ku lämpes...kaasari oli vähä kuiva aluks

Transit Supervan - 1971
The V8 powered version of the ubiquitous Transit, this is a machine that caused a real stir when it first appeared on the scene. It's probably just as well, on reflection, that this particularly hairy machine never fell into the hands of White Van Man