350 Pontiac

Getting the cobwebs out of a 350 engine in a 69 Lemans. Old gas and bad timing along with years of sitting limited the performance. Complete engine and TH350 transmission are for sale. See www.minnesota-muscle.com for details.

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The tired Pontiac 350

Pontiac 350 test run
Pontiac 350 Short block -1975 Heads 6S-4 light ported -1976 Intake manifold from a 455 -1973 Engle 16/18 Camshaft Adjustable valve train with poly locks. Should be a nice daily driving machine. =)

Pontiac 350 Motor
Running in 1965 GTO.

Fully Rebuilt Pontiac 350 Running
Our freshly rebuilt Pontiac 350 running on the engine stand, ready to be installed.