Crakafat V8 Ford Capri GT @ Gazzanationals 07 - 08

Brent cutting loose in the Capri at G-Nats

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All Things Bogan - Jackpot does Bathurst 2012
Barry jackpot and friends load up his late fathers Torana and head in the motorhome to Bathurst to celebrate 40 years on since Brocky won in the Torrie !

Bogan Abroad USA 2013
I take a trip with the Mrs ( she's camera shy ) to California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii whilst filming the majority of it on my iphone. some GoPro too. Great trip , great people , cool as fuck squirrels !

Subaru Brat / Brumby RWD " Burnout "
RWD grass skids. Best brumby ever !

Coming Soon - Gas Peddlers - The Tale of Pork Hunt - Teaser
A teaser for the up coming mini series - The Tale of Pork Hunt. This series follows a group of mates banding together to give an old worn out VC Valiant Safari Wagon a makeover over 2 weekends. The car was purchased online , sight unseen. The Motto of the build was " Maximum Impact - Minimal Dollars " with the view to take it to one of Australia's biggest car shows and see if the budget build could draw some attention. SUBSCRIBE to follow the " PORK HUNTS " on their journey of tight arse-ness and shenanigans :)