"Seeker" Submarine's First Surface Trial

This is the first surface test for our home built hybrid jet boat / ambient submarine. Not a great first test, but not horrible either.

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Extreme weather house boat floats in Silicon Valley backyard
A couple years ago Chris Robinson was a former Facebook and PayPal art director with no boat-building (nor sailing) experience. Then the Tsunami hit Japan (a place where he’d lived and met his wife). He happened to be working in a startup incubator at the time with some “very smart people”, including an astronaut, and everyone was sketching ideas for tsunami-proof shelters. Robinson liked his design (inspired by oil-derrick escape pods and the hanging tree house spheres from Canadian artist Tom Chudleigh) so much, he began to build it behind his house. Two years later, his backyard is dominated by his 22-foot-long, 10-foot-wide and 8.5-foot-high plywood and epoxy tsunami-proof pod (AKA Tsunamiball). Chris' blog (photo/video updates of the build): tsunamiball.com Original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/extreme-weather-house-boat-in-silicon- valley-backyard/

KR350 Personal Submarine (Serenity) first Launch
KR350 personal Submarine (Serenity) First Launch at Kuttawa on lake Barkley Ky.

Home made submarine
Jonas Velzys the Lithuanian submarine enthusiast has worked for more than 30 years on his life dream to build a submarine. This video is about one of his first tests organized together with Klaipeda Science and Technology Park. More on www.kmtp.lt

Kona-Atlantis Submarine
http://www.ncl.com/excursions/search?Ntt=koa_11 Climb aboard an Atlantis submarine! Your adventure begins with a seven-minute boat ride from the Kailua-Kona pier along the scenic coast. At the underwater site, you'll transfer to the submarine to begin your undersea adventure. Atlantis submarines are the world's most technologically-advanced passenger submarines with spacious air-conditioned interiors, large view ports and comfortable seating so you can relax and enjoy Hawaii's sea life. In crystal-clear waters, the submarine will descend 100 feet underwater to explore 25 acres of coral reef gardens. The reef was formed on lava that flowed into the ocean 18,000 years ago. Inhabited by hundreds of species of tropical fish, coral and other sea life, it has been proclaimed one of the most popular sites to view Hawaii's marine life. Note: Participants must be at least 3 feet in height and must be able to safely climb, without assistance, a vertical 7-step ladder into and out of the submarine. https://www.ncl.com/cruise-destinations/hawaii-cruises