04 Cobra VS CLS 55 AMG Benz 40 170Mph Vs C5 Z06 with full bolt ons Cam South Florida

440WHP Cobra VS CLS55 AMG Benz 40 170Mph South Florid street racing. The CLS AMG had HREs which are 25lbs lighter than stock, Carbon fiber intake, and cat deletes. The C5 ZO6 had full botls ons and mild cam bad clutch and 800 pound weight advantage.

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E60 M5 150 shot Vs Mercedes CLS 55 AMG 30 to 150 Vs C6 Z06 with Intake and M5 Vs Turbo Golf on C16
E60 M5 150 shot Vs CLS 55 AMG 30 to 150 Vs C6 Z06 with Intake and M5 Vs turbo Golf on C16. The Golf had 440 hp and 490 torque. In the first race with the M5 we had just finished the race and there was cop infront us in the right lane.

CLS 55 AMG Montage Film Art on Wheels Mercedes-Benz Dedication
Must Watch Short Film Highlighting the Best of a CLS AMG

Moscow Unlim 500: MB CLS55 AMG vs Jeep SRT-8
Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG VR650 (650 hp) vs Jeep SRT-8 (580 hp) http://www.dragtimes.info

2006 CLS 55 AMG vs. 2005 Dodge SRT 10 Truck
This is a video of my buddy and I drag racing for the first time at Speed World in Surprise Arizona. Neither one of us have ever been on the strip before. Tempature was 90 degrees. The CLS 55 AMG is bone stock. Nothing was removed from the car to make it lighter. I weigh 240 Lbs. I'm burning 91 octane for fuel on Pirelli PS2 stock rims and tires. Notice the elapsed time and speed. I was in manual shift mode revving to 6K prior to shifting. Vehicle Stability was off. I mashed the pedal without revving the engine to engage the drive train. The SRT 10 Dodge truck would have caught up to me eventually but had major traction issues. He got much better as the night went on. We were one of the first to run that night, so the sticky stuff was just sprayed on during track prep. My tires grabbed like glue. Not so for the SRT 10 Truck.