Toyota Hilux with 1UZ and Individual Throttle Bodies

Toyota Hilux, 1UZ Engine. Engine has all factory internals, and only mods so far are, Individual Throttle Bodies off a 20v Blacktop 4A-GE, and a set of Extractors. Making 252hp ATW. Has plans to put a set of Cams in it to put it up over 300hp ATW

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1uz V8 Supra - ITB's this is what they should sound like! 1uzfe NA 420rwhp @ 9300rpm sure, its nice to whack some ITB's on a stock engine, and get a nice slow throaty burble, but this is where the money is at! Modified engine internals, lightweight rotating assembly, INSTANT throttle response ans a 9500rpm rev cut. this short vid demonstrates short squirts of around 1/4 throttle and about 6500rpm max.

1UZ Toyota Pickup with M90 Supercharger
1UZ Toyota pickup with M90 Supercharger

1UZ swapped toyota playing in 2wd
My buddies 1UZ swapped 4runner playing in 2wd. Subscribe to see more of this rig and feel free to ask questions.