Mustang GT 5.0 2011 Coyote Supercharged vs. Caliber SRT4 (Big Turbo 23psi)

40mph Roll Big turbo Caliber srt4 23psi (AGP Zeta 3.2) Mustang Superchargered 5psi, cat back and tune. Agp zeta 3.2, realtune built block.

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Big Turbo Caliber SRT4 vs 2003 Terminator Mustang
Just a friendly comparision of a 2003 Terminator Mustang Cobra vs. my Big turbo Caliber. All good fun. Terminator Claims 476whp. 12psi on a larger eaton blower.

2012 Mustang GT Full Boltons vs
4.6 Shelby Exhaust/tune GTI-GT35r turbo/supporting mods/26psi M5-unknown mods Camaro- Cam/headers/boltons/weight reduction

Caliber SRT4 Stage 1 vs. Big Turbo Caliber SRT4
Just a little comparison of a MS1 Caliber SRT4 vs. Big turbo Caliber SRT4. Would like to thank Realtune & AGP for making this happen. Thanks to Vannos on the forums to meetup with me to make this video.

Caliber srt4 vs. chrysler srt8 vs. bmw 335i vs. GSXR 1000
CALIBER- AGP Big turbo kit @23psi untuned. Srt8-cam, heads & Boltons BMW 335i- Unknown mods Suzuki GSXR 1000