Sr20det redtop odd noise

My sr20det swapped 240 has a odd tapping noise. It is most loudest when the engine is cold. It is heard the loudest when in 3rd+ gear between 2800-4000rpm and with light acceleration. It isn't very loud at WOT. The sound is also louder than is the video. It dampened it a little. Any suggestions?

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sr20 need help! broken lifter?
Need help, i think i busted a lifter in my 240. It's an sr20det and as you can see hella loud in the top end (valve cover) and get hot FAST. What you guys think before i tear it apart?

Twin Scroll GT3071R SR20DET: New Tomei "Solid Lifter" Type Camshafts
In my last video, I had a lot of valve train noise! It turns out that back in 2009 when I ordered "solid lifter" type cams, I was shipped "hydraulic lifter" cams. Hydraulic lifters give due to oil pressure keeping them extended, so the ramp angle on the cam lobs can be more aggressive. With solid lifters, you have to "ease off" the lobe when it is coming back down so it "sets" the valves closed gently. I was running solid lifters with the wrong cams, so that was the cause of the excessive lifter noise! All is well now! Stay tuned for a Dyno video and a lot more power!!! To see more, check out my build website @

Compression test video for jdm SR20DET Redtop actual item (Live Inventory)
Compression test video for jdm SR20DET Redtop actual item (Live Inventory)

SR20DET Compressor Surge
Compressor surge is a phenomenon experienced when during turbocharger operation, the compressor airflow drops sharply while pressure ratio is still high. This results in the compressor operating on the 'surge line' on a compressor map. This can be achieved on Boost and during throttle tip out conditions.