Sr20det redtop odd noise

My sr20det swapped 240 has a odd tapping noise. It is most loudest when the engine is cold. It is heard the loudest when in 3rd+ gear between 2800-4000rpm and with light acceleration. It isn't very loud at WOT. The sound is also louder than is the video. It dampened it a little. Any suggestions?

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Nissan SR20 dyno tuning - Adicted Performance
Adam's Nissan SR20 pumps out over 500hp on pump fuel and even more on race octane at Adicted Performance. The 2L engine features a forged bottom end, upgraded cams and valve-train components and is Boosted by a Garrett GTX35-63R turbo and Haltech Platinum EFI system. Built to be a reliable street engine, the Nissan will make its way into a Datsun Stanza.

Sr20det Rod knock , bearing, or lifter?
Engine is making a knocking sound around 2700 rpms only on acceleration. I looked at other videos and am having trouble determining what the noise is, i am hoping its a lifter.

k so ive fixed a bunch of shit on this car since mylast vid like the front main seal, valve cover gasket, spark plug well gasket, pullys, rad and electric fans. i am now hearing a very loud fast tapping noise its pissing me off it now sounds like a rod knock but i doubt it IM THINKING THE TAPPING NOISE IS THE VVT, LIFTER OR CHAIN TENSIONER PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Compression test video for jdm SR20DET Redtop actual item (Live Inventory)
Compression test video for jdm SR20DET Redtop actual item (Live Inventory)