Freediving on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Check out our latest freediving video: Join us on our new channel: This event was organized to expose more people to the amazing sport of freediving while promoting safe and responsible freediving practices. To find out more about freediving on Bonaire, check out:

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One Breath - The Story of William Trubridge (Shorter Version) by Nicolas Rossier
CNN AWARD for Best Original Reporting. WATCH ORIGINAL VERSION on c The video is sole property of Baraka Productions LLC. Any company claiming this video will be liable in courts. This content is protected under DMCA Laws. It looks simple, you hold your breath and go as deep into the water as you can. But as William Trubridge has learned, triumphing in the dangerous world of freediving is all about mind over matter. Filmmaker Nicolas Rossier spent 2 days in Long Island, Bahamas to interview and film the world champion freediver. Camera: Tim Calver & Nicolas Rossier Editing: Cameron Clendaniel Production: Nicolas Rossier & Tami Woronoff

Never be Nery base jumping in Vouliagmeni
The Greek version of Guillaumes original idea with a funny twist. Music: Greek Zorba's Dance - Sirtaki Mix

William Winram 145m Freediving World Record (VWT) This video was not made for nor is it used for commercial purposes. Music: Three Corners of Earth - The Fire Shall Devour Us On September 3, 2013, Canadian Freediver William Winram successfully attempted a World Record Dive, on a single breath of air, in the discipline of Variable Weight to a depth of 145m. This dive took months of preparation and was conducted with the highest safety standards.This record has been officially ratified by the International Freediving Federation AIDA International. Thank you to the following people without whom this record would not be possible: Organizer, head of safety and coach: Andrea Zuccari AIDA judges: Grant Graves Pim Vermeulen Safety coordinator Sergio Soria Safety divers: Natalie Doduc Søren Frederiksen Safety technical divers: Jim Dowling Antonio Bresciani Stefano Davide Osteopath: Andrea Beil Underwater videographer: Allie Crawford Photographer: Alice Cattaneo Administrative coordinator: Federica Innocente Emergency Evacuation Team: Sharm el Sheikh Search & Rescue team Tags: William Winram, Freediving, World Record, Variable Weight, Apnea, Breathhold, Diving, AIDA, VWT, depth, Record, Sharm el Sheikh...

Freediver blackout surface video
A blackout at 17 meters depth. More info: Freedivers safety was ensured by lanyard, anti ballast system, meeting freedivers and doctor at surface. No lasting injuries was experienced. From the comments below: "brain damage", "brain sought oxygen", "involuntarily open mouth", Water in lungs". Why do people talk about things they seem to know very little about. Competition freediving use to be a 0% fatality sport. One person died 2013 in Bahamas during a competition. People black out occasionally under water during competition dives. In none of these cases has water entered lungs or brain damage occurred. Water enter lungs when freediver laryngospasm lets go fo the body (when epiglottis opens, which does not happen directly at BO). When a freediver BO´s there can be as much as 50% of oxygen left in the system. The remaining O2 iconcentrated to the brain. Most brain functions are still active during a BO like this. There is no active body control, no seeing, but she hears and feels. BO´s are often accompanied by dreaming. This one was a deep BO´in double sense. It was at 17 meters it took a long time for her to be aware again. She had no injuries from this accident, she moved on to become top 5 in the world some years later. Read more here: