Freediving on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Check out our latest freediving video: Join us on our new channel: This event was organized to expose more people to the amazing sport of freediving while promoting safe and responsible freediving practices. To find out more about freediving on Bonaire, check out:

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Never be Nery base jumping in Vouliagmeni
The Greek version of Guillaumes original idea with a funny twist. Music: Greek Zorba's Dance - Sirtaki Mix

Freediving nemo33
Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Freedivers Solenn Launay, Nancy Gibson and Stig Pryds recently came on a trip with to Nemo33, a 33 meter deep pool in Brussels, to play in the deep end. Camerawork and edit by Daan Verhoeven Music by Rob Dougan

One Breath - The Story of William Trubridge (Shorter Version) by Nicolas Rossier
WATCH FULL FILM ON: And please give it a nice 2 lines review on Amazon: =sr_1_2?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1489356771&sr=1-2&keywords=one+breath+n icolas+rossier The video is sole property of Baraka Productions LLC. Any company claiming this video will be liable in courts. This content is protected under DMCA Laws. It looks simple, you hold your breath and go as deep into the water as you can. But as William Trubridge has learned, triumphing in the dangerous world of freediving is all about mind over matter. Filmmaker Nicolas Rossier spent 2 days in Long Island, Bahamas to interview and film the world champion freediver. Camera: Tim Calver & Nicolas Rossier Editing: Cameron Clendaniel Production: Nicolas Rossier & Tami Woronoff

Frog Flow
I've just posted a new video about other freediving techniques you can do in the pool: Frog Flow 2 ( How to find the mental state of Flow in Freediving? Frog Flow is the name of the freediving exercise practiced under supervision of a skilled and dedicated freedive safety diver. The principles stated in this video's can be used in other sports, during work and daily life activities. However the state of Flow cannot be forced, strangely it comes when you're not seeking it. Falling in Flow is like falling in Love, you'll know it after it happens to you. Check the comments to see if your questions have already been answered, thanks. If you have experienced the state of flow then I would love to hear of it, share it in the comments below. I love learning from each others experiences. If you want to explore freediving, please go to and visit and search it's wonderful freediving forum. It's a wonderful and safe sport when you take things slow and share the water with a knowledgeable freediving buddy. Love, Courage and Water. Music: Blank & Jones: Le Grand Blue remix