Evos running at Street Tuner Mayhem Bandimere Speedway CO 6/5/2011

a couple of Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 street cars racing heads-up at the IDRC/Motovicity Street Tuner Mayhem event at Bandimere Speedway... 12.39 and 11.65.

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HPR High Plains Raceway C6 Z06 1:55.126 in-car and rear views Emich VW Chevy track day 040217
Unfortunately my phone that was being used for lap timing and basic data acquisition (just speed and G-force) with the TrackAddict app fell off the mount earlier during this session (3rd "fast" group session, starting at 3 pm), so the cornering force data was all garbage. This was my fastest lap of the day, but the mistakes I made—overslowing for T3 and T4/T5 as well as botching the exit of T11—means I could have gone a few tenths faster. Fun to watch for: the car paints a couple of stripes on the exit of T6 at 1:10. :) Here is a screenshot of the max and min speeds during this lap: https://s26.postimg.org/ny4z48ox5/HPR_Track_Addict_max_min_speeds_1.55.126_ 040217.png

Evo 9.1 Pass
Joey V Evo goes 9.1 at GLD Tuned by Devin Schultz @ Boostin Performance assembled and put together by Strictly Modified Third full pass of the 2011 season.

HPR 1:52.5 043017 NASA Time Trials TT1 C6 Z06 TrackAddict + RaceRender data overlay
My fastest lap of the day on April 30th 2017 at High Plains Raceway, Deer Trail, CO. This was the fourth and final session of the day for TT (Time Trials). Unfortunately, I knocked the phone off its dash mount in T13 on my first hot lap (about 2:19 in the video), so after that the G-force data is inaccurate because it's also registering the movement of the phone sliding around on the floorboards, under my feet (a little distracting). More importantly, because I didn't know any of my lap times after the phone went to the floor of the car, I kept pushing when I should have backed off, as I would have if I'd known positively that I'd already beaten my previous best time of 1:53.0 by half a second, and if I'd had strong confidence that I had 2nd place for the day locked up (Val V. ran an untouchable 1:50.25 earlier during the first timed session), considering that I was clearly gaining ground on my competition Mark M. in the blue RX-7 ahead of me, so it was unlikely that he was turning faster lap times than me this session. On lap 3, I kept pushing too hard as the tires started to fade, until I made a mistake under braking heading into T8, sliding off the track surface on the outside, thereby going "four off" and DQ-ing all of my times for this session. :( For more information about getting involved in NASA (National Auto Sport Association) sanctioned driving events in Colorado, go here: http://www.nasarockymountain.com/nasa_forums/forumdisplay.php?f=4 Official results are not up yet, but here is a screen capture of the results from the day on racehero.io: https://s26.postimg.org/f9axu776x/TT_results_session_2_1.53.03_043017.png https://s26.postimg.org/3lgvzni21/TT_results_session_3_1.2.52_DQ_043017.png

Shawn's Evo @ Bandimere
10.1 @ 141