Porsche boxter in dreams


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Porsche Boxster "Love Story" video; Patrick Stewart narrates
This video has been wandering around my various computer hard drives since around 1997... got it on a promo disc from Road & Track magazine... I think it's a rather neat video, with Patrick Stewart's narration being the icing on the cake. I believe this was the video shown at car shows for the worldwide launch of the Boxster in 1996.

Porsche commercial
A porsche commercial spot http://www.porscheTV.be

Porsche Boxster S (What Car)
What Car review of the Porsche Boxster S.

Porsche Boxster Brake Pad Replacement
Replacing the front brake pads on a 2000 Porsche Boxster S. 1. Chock rear wheels. 2. Jack car and support securely on axle stands. 3. Remove wheel. 4. Remove split pin from pad retaining pin. 5. Remove pad retaining pin and spring plate. 6. Carefully push pistons back into calliper with pads. 7. Remove wear sensors and remove pads. 8. Install new anti-squeal back plate and pads. 9. Add a smear of copper slip to retaining pin. 10. Reinstall spring plate, pin and split pin. I also took the opportunity to unblock the holes drilled in the disc that had become full of brake dust. Tools used: Jack Axle Stand Wheel Brace Pliers Hammer & drift to knock pin out Tyre lever or screwdriver to push pad back Copper anti-seize paste Brake pads supplied by: www.eurocarparts.com