Supercharged C6 Corvette

05 Corvette with GHL Exhaust, Procharger Intercooled Supercharger, RPS Street Twin Clutch, Ultimax rotors with Hawk Street pads. Dyno tuned; 506 RWHP and 445 FTLbs torque at the wheels.

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Corvette C6 600Hp+ / Supercharged / Headers / Race catalyzers

Chick in a Procharged C7 Corvette takes down Viper!
When you bet a sandwich on a race, you better be prepared to pay up if you lose! This Nitrous Outlet equipped V10 Viper gets taken down at Street Car Takeover OKC in the Drag Strip Roll Race event by "Miss Stangkilr" in this beautiful Procharged C7 Corvette The Vette is only making 7psi on a temporary P1SC Procharger, it is around 570whp, the Viper put down 480whp and isn't spraying on this pass

2005 Corvette Vortech Supercharger 45-150mph + More
'05 C6 Corvette - 45-150mph & 50-140mph pulls, along with a walk around of the car. Heated seats were on the whole time lol. Mods: Vortech T-Trim, LG Headers, Bassani X-Pipe, Borla Cat Back, Blower Cam, Yank 3600, Street tires.

Supercharged C6 Corvette vs. 700 rwhp ZL1 Camaro
Taken at Shift-Sector's Airstrip Attack. Both cars making ~700 rwhp. Camaro gets the jump at the start. Race was from around a 50 MPH roll.