Supercar Line Up and Parade at Saywell International - Zonda, CCX LP670SV, 599GTO + LOTS MORE!

Peter Saywell's charity event at Goodwood Motor Circuit brought a fantastic selection of cars in attendance. In this video you can see a tour through the paddock where you can feast your eyes over some fantastic machinery before watching them fire-up and head off for a parade lap of the circuit. Some of the cars include: Pagani Zonda PS Koenigsegg CCX Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV Ferrari 599 GTO Ferrari 458 Italia Mercedes-Benz SL65 Black Spyker C8 Laviolette Mosler MT900 And many more! Camera: Shot on a Sony CX520 in FullHD and uploaded in 1080p Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit, UK Don't forget to check out my blog at - videos/pics/news of all things cars and like Shmee150 on Facebook at to get the latest updates straight to your feed! All feedback on my videos is appreciated! Thanks for watching, Tim

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Inside the Dream Garage: Peter Saywell's Supercar Collection
An exclusive look inside the garage of supercar collector and Washington Coachworks customer Peter Saywell. Featuring the latest supercars in his collection: Pagani Zonda PS, Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, Koenigsegg Agera, Ford GT, Ferrari F40, Ferrari 458 and many more. For photos and much more information visit tos-of-peter-saywells-supercar-collection

The Crazy 5,000hp Devel Sixteen is REAL! | FIRST LOOK
It may be crazy, but it's happening! Four years after the surprise reveal and my hugely viral video, we're back for the presentation of the revised Devel Sixteen with a 12.3l V16 and quad turbochargers that is potentially capable of 5,000 horsepower... Just to double check you read that right, not 500, literally 5,000 with three zeros! Taking the philosophy of drag racer, the car has a hugely long wheelbase and comes with three various states of engine configuration; a 2,000hp V8 setup, a 3,000hp V8 racing level and then the full-hog 5,000hp quad turbo V16 if you want to go completely bonkers. With the presentation also featuring the original prototype, it was fun to be reunited but move focus to the latest version of a potential production concept. Equally on the stand we find the Devel 60; a 6-wheeler portal axle equipped monster of an off-roader. In this case powered by a 6.7l turbo diesel V8 with 720hp and over 1,000nm. Enzo Ferrari once said "If you can dream, you can do it" and the team behind Devel Sixteen aren't holding back in their quest to create the dream hypercar. Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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Peter & his Pagani Zonda PS
Peter chats to Adz about his one off Pagani Zonda PS.