Detroit Diesel 453T K2500 Pickup Truck Project - Part 4

Detroit diesel project truck part 4. First drive + run

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John Deere engine in a dodge
video of a JD 359T in a dodge pickup. I am planning on installing this engine in my 83 chevy pickup this winter. engine HP is 148 @ 2500rpm.

1966 ford ranger detroit 353
This is my friends Ford ranger pick up powered with a detroit diesel 353. View rate and comment thanks for watching

6V53TT Silver Detroit Diesel first start (part1)
Detroit Diesel Silver 6V53TT military being fired up for the very first time ever. This unit was originally assembled in 1987 but was never used and until this past year it sat the crate it was shipped in. This 53 series is one of the rare Silver units with cross head-pistons and a bypass blower. It was designed as a single turbo, but has been upgraded to a twin turbo setup. A little sluggish to come awake for the very first time, but now its a true screamin' demon!

1986 Chev 1 ton 4X4 with Whipple supercharged 6V53 detroit on the dyno
Finally... an update for all you guys who have been asking, here's a vid of the Dyno test from last week's Diesel Confab meeting. As it is now the results are 166HP at 425 f/p. As the Exhaust valves on these 2 strokes are open during the time the blower is filling the cylinders, it is hard to build pressure. Next will be some testing to create some back pressure in the Exhaust. turbo charging is one option. The Whipple blower is however, capable of moving incredible amounts of air. At this point the motor is running well and everything including the drives are very reliable. We can only go up from here!