BMW M3 turbo drag

The fabulous E36 M3 with its renowned 6 cylinder engine. This one has been further aided with Boost which results in a heap more power, shown over the 400m sprint. Calder Park Off-Street Drags Nov 16 2012.

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E36 M3 Turbo Toying

95 BMW E36 M3 Coupe
95 BMW E36 M3 coupe DRAG AT IRWINDALE SPEEDWAY S52, AA FULL CAT BACK Exhaust, 3.5 HFM,CAI,M50 Intake Mani,TMS SOFTWARE. Run Time 8.7 sec on a 1/8 mile.

BMW M3 Turbo Drag Racing Event
A pair of high horsepower BMW E36 M3s racing at Maryland International Raceway. Blue coupe has 800HP and maroon sedan has 650HP.

Turbo BMW M3 Burnout
turbo BMW M3 Burnout