TCS Automotive Spec D16 Turbo Build PTE 6262 500whp DD

Tristans 91 CRX with a fully built and blue printed D16 swap. The head was fully built with Supertec and Skunk2 parts topped off by a Performer X intake manifold and Omni 68mm TB.

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Shitbox D16 turbo vs AP1 S2000
I/H/E S2000 219whp vs vitara/eagle bottom end D16 civic on 24 psi 350whp 302wtq. Civic that did a fly by in the first clip is a 650whp fully built lsvtec. Integra is on 7 psi on a conservative tune.

D16 Turbo Build
My civic from being junk to not so junk. Haha.. Still a rust bucket just a little faster

D16 Turbo 11 seconds pass
My little Sohc holding off a 11sec modified Mitsubishi Evo10 1995 civic Dx Coupe with D16z6 turbo Stock head block has Fj rods and Vitara pistons Pushing 18psi 301whp 262lbs torque 11.7 @119mph 1.7 60ft STREET KINGS 08/03/13 at Greatlakes Dragaway

D16z6 first start with skunk2 pro-seires intake manifod and TB PLUS full boltons.. not adjustments
here is Gage's ( me ) EG first start with new IM and TB.. first start and first attempt... yes we see the leaking fuel at the filter and the idle bounce was due to a TB gasket not sealing proper...