Infiniti G37 11.13" Record • Drag Strip • TheShopCT • GTM • Atco

12/14/12 - Atco Dragway, NJ. Rented Track Day - 50° Best of five passes: 11.39, 11.54, 11.13, 11.36, 11.13, all @ 122/123 mph Builder: Jim Kakeletris / Tuner: Mike Botti / 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe - Full weight 3800lbs GTM Stg II Twin turbo System - ARK 'Grip' 2.5" twin Exhaust 5-spd 'Bulletproof' auto and torque converter - Built by Pat @ Level Ten (NJ) Engine: Wiseco 9:0/1 cr, A1 rods, ARP studs, balanced rotating mass. OEM Stock upper end with VVEL valve timing untouched. BF Goodrich 18" Drag T/A Radials 17lbs Boost - Pump 93oct fuel Thanks for viewing! Jim (SharpByCoop)

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GTR R35 Vs G37 TT
GTR R35 Vs G37 Twinturbo

Quickest Infiniti G37 @ Drag Strip • 11.43et @ 125mph • TheShopCT
A crisp day at Atco Raceway in NJ. Cool air, good traction. We rented the track for testing. 93oct, 13psi turbo, 18 psi tires. Listen to those tires howl! Jim

Infiniti G37S Dyno @ 537whp & Test ride - TheShopCT / GTM Twin Turbo
Two Dyno passes @ 9 & 10 lbs Boost, and a spirited test ride ( @ 9 lbs Boost, on a too-crowded road). GTM Stage II twin turbo kit & tune GTM 2.5" full Exhaust 5-speed automatic w/Trans-Go kit installed All installation work and tests performed by 'The Shop' in Norwalk, CT ( Thanks to Jimmy, Kenny, Hector, Johnny, and Paul.

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