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Mercedes-Benz 230e A -92 (w124) Interior

Short introduction about w124's typical interior. There's no cheap plastic. There's no buttons which break up when you touch them in winter. There is only wood like in rain-forest :) And everything is so strong and long lasting that you can feel free to even use them(unlike in almost every new "plastic car"). ps. sorry for those who own a new car. I just don't like that nowadays they make everything from that cheap creaky plastic :) But now it's my ex car so no more videos coming...have a good new home shiny old star..


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1991 Mercedes-Benz 230E Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour
Finally a start-up of our 1991 Mercedes-Benz 230E. Enjoy! The car is a well-built piece of metal by Mercedes, it has serviced us since it's birth in 1991!

One day with my Mercedes w124
Just few clips which I put together showing, driving, washing my car. This is w124 e200 1994. The videos are made with Creative Vado HD in my city Veliko Tarnovo.

Mercedes-Benz 230e A -92 (w124) Sunday drive
Sorry about that shaking. Sorry about that hum. I'll take better video some day with some beautiful secretary :) At least you can be few minutes my front-seat passenger :D But now it's my ex car so no more videos coming...have a good new home shiny old star..

Mercedes-Benz 230e A -92 (w124) Engine
There lives that noise-making good old thing called Mercedes-engine. It's not very fast or quiet like some others might be but I think it's quite reliable. Some even says it's best petrol engine for w124. Of course they mean that it doesn't drink too much gasoline and is still fast enough for regular user. I don't say is it best or worst. I think it's good enough...

Мерседес W124 Инструкция

W124Channel W124 230E Ölwechsel in der Servolenkung, Lenkgetriebe Öl wechseln
Lenkgetriebe Öl-Wechseln Hi, Wie ihr seht wechsel ich heute das Servoöl aus der Lenkung. Nach 20Jahren und mehreren 100tausend Kilometern hat die Suppe ihren Dienst getan. Mercedes gibt diesen Wartungspunkt nirgendwo an. Man verlängert damit aber die Lebensdauer des Lenkgetriebes und sorgt dafür das die Lenkung insgesamt weniger Spiel aufweist, direkter und leichter reagiert und beim starken Radeinschlagen (Rangieren) keine merkwürdigen Geräusche mehr von sich gibt. Um die Dichtungen zu pflegen kann man auch eine Woche vor dem Ölwechsel noch 50ml LM Ölverlust-Stop hinzugeben. Wenn ihr Fragen oder Anregung habt: immer raus damit ! Hier unten in die Komentarbox, oder per Persönlicher Nachicht. Das alte Öl wurde nach dem Dreh wieder an den Händer abgegeben.

JUST mercedes-benz W124 just car maintenance shop
mercedes-benz W124 AMG japan http://www.just-at.com http://www.facebook.com/just.car.maintenance

The Old German: Mercedes W124 230E -88 Video 2 Revive
Uploaded using PS3(TM) this was a few hours later when we got hold of a battery, it fired up on the first try but during a broken fuel pipe it kept dying and stopped when we were up on the mountain.. it drove very well smooth shifting and kick down :) Enjoy!

JUST mercedes-benz W124 Rust repair
This car had the sea live or snowy country of Japan.

Exclusive Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4² Review Off-Road with GTspirit
Mercedes-Benz G 500 4x4² Review including road test, off road, sound and onboard video footage! Join GTspirit at the exclusive preview of the G500 4x4² in Andalusia, Spain!

Mercedes-Benz 230e A -92 (w124) "cold start -30°c"
It doesn't sound that it liked that cold start(yes, one hour with engine heater but it's still quite cold) so I hope I don't have to do that too often. After start we traveled over 300km without any trouble so I think starting sounds were just "I'm f****ng freezing out there!" -sounds :) And I'm not sure what's wrong with me cause I had to make that *ähh..* sound all the time, maybe freezing too :)

1996 Mercedes E-Class E230 Classic in depth tour
Interior and exterior.

Mercedes W124 200D 0-140 Km/h acceleration
- Mercedes W124 200D 0-140 Km/h acceleration. - Ment volna még, de sajna elfogyott az út :) ezért a 0-140 Km/h. - He would have, but unfortunately ran out of road :) so the 0-140 Km/h. * Motor 601.912..... E-class 1996. * Engine 601.912... E-class 1996. - adagoló: 1996-os mechanikus bosch, de elektronikusan állítható teljesítményű :) megtekerve határon belülre persze :) - injection equipment: 1996. Bosch mechanical, but performance can be electronically modify :) tuned up..... - gyorsdifivel és hosszú kézi 5-ös váltóval.... - differential with quick and long transmission manual 5 gear SPEED RECORD : 185km/h but that is sooooo much :)

1995 Mercedes-Benz E420 W124 Start Up & Rev With Exhaust View - 64K
1995 Mercedes Benz E420 This E420 has a 275HP 4.2L DOHC V8 which is paired to a 4 speed auto. I so love the V8 sound of a Benz. Had to make this short as I still had the video of the 2012 Passat & 2011 Durango on my phone which I didnt work on yet. I deleted the video on the XC90 I did in order to film this as it was already uploaded.. My Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Intechdude300/294626333932309 2theRedline fan page https://www.facebook.com/2Redline The new 2theRedlineLLC channel where all future tours ( except personal cars) will be posted http://www.youtube.com/user/2theRedlineLLC

Mercedes w124 Drift in SWE
Mercedes w124 Drift in SWE

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