Grandprix GTP Blows Up!

350whp supercharged Pontiac Grand Prix throws rod at 5800 rpm on a Mustang Dyno. Car will have a new bottom end within a month so it wasn't the end of the world. Cell phone video...sorry Car has ZZP heads, big blower , head studs , metal head gaskets and ceramic coated headers from ZZP ZZP Performance

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Grand Prix GTP True Duals
-Gen 3 M90 -.052 head gaskets -42.5 injectors -ported heads, LIM, Supercharger, and TB -1.9 rockers -ZZP Stage 2 Intercooler 2.25" thickness -pacesetter headers -dual 2" pipe w/ 8" glasspacks -cold air intake -ZZP Shift Kit 3.0 Pulley

blowing up pontiac grand prix
inside view of engine running, and blowing it up

Ever thrown a rod? how about a block?
HUGE engine explosion at a tractor pull event. the block is literally blown out of the engine bay and lands onto the ground next to the tractor. as far as catastrophic faliure goes, this is as bad as it gets.

1999 Grand Prix GTP Dyno at ZZPerforance
It put down 242 hp and 297 ft-lb of torque at the wheels. Mods: ZZP Powelog, ZZP ceramic coated connector pipe, ZZP ported and ceramic coated rear manifold, Catless down-pipe, ZZP 3" stainless Exhaust, 3.5" S/C pulley, ZZP 1.0 PCM, Autolite 104 plugs, ZZP 10.6 mm wires, 180 t-stat. I still need to build a box for the filter, and after I save up the money I will be putting X-P cams in. Hopeful this summer.