Grandprix GTP Blows Up!

350whp supercharged Pontiac Grand Prix throws rod at 5800 rpm on a Mustang Dyno. Car will have a new bottom end within a month so it wasn't the end of the world. Cell phone video...sorry Car has ZZP heads, big blower , head studs , metal head gaskets and ceramic coated headers from ZZP ZZP Performance

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blowing up pontiac grand prix
inside view of engine running, and blowing it up

12 Second GTP
A video of my GTP through the years. All races in this video were taken before I added the Intercooler and rockers. The races in the video were with a 3.4" pulley, headers, ZZP 1.0 PCM and an intake. Vids of the intercooled setup will be up later this summer. Current Mods: 2.8/3.0 Supercharger Pulley, Full Size Stage 2 ZZP Intercooler, Headers, 1.9 Modded, Rockers, Intake, and 180* T-stat.

Grand Prix GTP True Duals
-Gen 3 M90 -.052 head gaskets -42.5 injectors -ported heads, LIM, Supercharger, and TB -1.9 rockers -ZZP Stage 2 Intercooler 2.25" thickness -pacesetter headers -dual 2" pipe w/ 8" glasspacks -cold air intake -ZZP Shift Kit 3.0 Pulley

GTP With Blown Motor
1997 Grand Prix GTP - 2.8 Pulley, XP Cam, Stage 2 Intercooler, Headers, etc Worked for 2 days, then broke. I might post up some cooler vids from before it broke lol. Coming back later with a new bottom end, XPZ etc. Hope that works out well for me.