My mates Honda B16A2 VTEC powered Mini, with Jenvey Throttle bodies going for a spin. Destroys an unaware Saxo near the start :-P Sorry for the finger coming into shot later on, was gripping the phone a bit near the end as it got a bit bumpy!!

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FOR SALE 1969 Mini Cooper B18 VTEC Swap 969 Mini Cooper runs a built, naturally aspirated Honda B18C good for a deranged 230 plus WHP. Further said to have cost over $50k to build. Go toe-to-toe with a Lamborghini Swapped with a Minitec kit, power comes from an Integra-sourced B18C built with Wiseco pistons, Eagle rods, Skunk stage two cams, a Skunk intake manifold, JDM Type-R Exhaust manifold, 440cc injectors and a programmable Hondata ECU. Output is quoted as over 230 WHP, an increase of over 50 from the factory rating taken at the crank—the seller’s Ferrari baiting stories are not unbelievable. Brakes are four wheel discs with four piston items in front. hayabusa swap

260hp Classic Mini Vtec
I can almost guarantee this Classic Mini with a Honda Vtec engine is both louder, and quicker than your old Mini

B18 vtec mini vs turbo supra drag race @ York Raceway.
14.20 @ 95.7mph was my best time. Hard to put the power down even with launch control :P

B18 Type R VTEC Classic Mini - GoPro HERO3+
My m8 got a new gopro which is much better than mine so went out to have a play wit it :)