Cheech LowRider...CruiseNight Feb.2011

Cheech antenaeBall & some candy apple wine says it all.... Do you know the make & year? 110204ceFri OutBackTrek

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Low Riders @ the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade 2011
the MLK Parade that traversed down Imperial Avenue in the East Village District of San Diego included these Low Riders who did not disappoint.

Lowriders of Arizona .
Photos of Lowriders From Encanto park Phx AZ 1 / 22 / 11 100 yrs of chevy video. And a few shots from -Krown Entertainment calender release & Car show - At Rocky Point Cantina In Tempe AZ 1 / 16 / 11 Music by Kid Frost , Bump Dat Ass .. Lowrider magazine sound track Photography by Jesse Sanchez of Nexlevel Photography. E mail me at for more info .Thank you

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Chevy Apache Lowrider, Hopping Blazer, Chevrolet Silverado laying on Frame & more
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