Building a Ls/vtec motor

Built a Ls/vtec motor for a friend. LS block, CTR pistons, CTR cams, ported head, Just to show I just dont know DSM's lol

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LsVtec Turbo Build HSG EP105
Assembly of an Ls/vtec turbo honda engine and installed into a DC2 Integra.

Project "No Rice" #7: Golden Eagle Conversion Kit for LS/Vtec
Brian Crower BC0026, BC5020, BC6040, BC7029, BC4020 B18/B20 (2.09L) - Includes 4340 forged crank, 92mm stroke, H-beam Pro rods (5.512 c-to-c), CP pistons 9:1 compression, and ACL Tri-metal Race bearings.

Continuing the tear down and build up the B20/vtec for the integra. for shirts : How to prep vtec head :

Acura B18C1 Darton Sleeves O
Machining an Acura B18C1 block we installed Darton Sleeves in, for Stainless Steel O-Ring wire, w/ a Rottler F68A CNC machine.