extreme offroad from Russia.PART 2

VITYAZ TRANSPORTERS By 1985, an intensive research and development program to create a family of what is known to be the Vityaz two-unit CTVs had been completed. This family includes: ? two-unit transport vehicles DT-10, DT-20 and DT-30, with a load-carrying capacity of 10, 20 and 30 tons, respectively; ? two-unit amphibious transporters DT-10P, DT-20P and DT-30P with similar specifications as the regular transporters. Currently, Vityaz CTVs are in use throughout the whole territory of Russia, as well as in the harsh regions of the Arctic and Antarctica. They are an invaluable part of the transport services for prominent companies such as Gazprom JSC, Rosneftegazstroi, Rosneftegaz JSC, etc. They serve as primary transport vehicles for the personnel who service the extensive oil and gas pipelines throughout Russia, for geologists and scientists who research the dangerous, faraway destinations of Antartica and the Arctic regions. The construction and service industries are also benefiting from the advantages of these vehicles. The DT-30K crane, the DT-30E excavator, refuelling vehicles, mobile workshops, mobile oil refineries, passenger transporters, firefighting vehicles, etc. are mounted on Vityaz chassis. These vehicles are in demand not only in Russia, but throughout the countries of the Middle East and Asia, as well as in North and South America. Years of operation of these vehicles have proved their reliability and robust design. The vehicle-s design primarily features an unconventional pattern of four active track envelopes providing for large surface contact with the ground for greater stability. In addition to this feature, these ATVs ensures the so called -kinematic method- for turning the articulated tracked vehicle through the -forced folding- of its units. The kinematic method of turn provides a positive tracking force for all tracks during linear movement and while making turns. A combination of the kinematic method of turn and a powerful multifuel engine, along with a hydromechanical transmission, unique track and suspension system with wide band tracks, road wheels with rubber pads, and vertical hydraulic cylinders which allow the two vehicle units to move vertically in relation to each other, make the articulated vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 60 tons more capable in terms of their swamp-, moving sand- loose soil- and snow-going capacity, than any type of single-unit swamp- and snow-going vehicle. As the two units can be turned relative to each other in the vertical and horizontal planes via hydraulic cylinders or, conversely, can be fixed, the two-unit vehicle can negotiate short (equal to the length of one unit) sections of difficult terrain and such obstacles as ditches and walls and come out of water onto an unprepared bank, ice, or peat. Owing to their unique design, the Vityaz family of ATVs are capable of operating in conditions impossible for other all-terrain vehicles, for example: ? amphibious return to a mother ship; ? off-road movement with one unit disabled or without one, or even without both tracks of one of the units; ? negotiating ditches and clefts up to 4.0 m wide. ? unloading of a ship offshore if it cannot come close to waterfront (i.e. in the Arctics and Antarctica regions, or in flooded regions, etc.); negotiating waterways in severe ice conditions; ? operation in mountains up to an altitude of 4,000 m. The DT-10P and DT-30P ATVs are widely used by Russian troops deployed in challenging environmental regions, on islands (for transporting army elements, ammunition, equipment, FOLs and installation of weapon systems). These vehicles are also used by various industries in regions with poor access roads and climatic conditions. They are used to transport various cargoes; deploy digging, forest-working, power, and firefighting equipment; deploy mobile polyclinics and bakeries; transport cranes, excavators, water tanks, etc.; make amphibious unloading of cargoes; tow ships; heave off ships and barges; as well as perform prospecting work on shallow areas of shelf zones.

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In this video compilation of Russian trucks - SUVs despite four-wheel drive stuck in the mud or in a swamp. The roads in Siberia and in the far North, where impassable mud in summer, and complete absence of roads. Trucks and buses are to Ford the river and in winter move winter. Despite the fact that a car is the pride of the Soviet avtoproma in extreme conditions of Russian roads are difficult drivers to overcome the roads of Siberia, Kamchatka and Yamal. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkGVqpm5O78a-jez6hB5q3Q DT-30 - Two-tier vehicle on tracks, designed for transportation in difficult climatic conditions of the far North, Siberia and the Far East. DT-30 is a unique type of high-speed vehicles — articulated tracked vehicles combining high loading capacity and cargo capacity with high performance and maneuverability in heavy traffic and climatic conditions. All-terrain vehicle DT-30 (P-floats) is designed to work in difficult climatic conditions of the far North, Siberia and the Far East, on soils with low bearing capacity (clay, virgin snow, off road, rugged wooded terrain) at ambient temperature from plus 40 to minus 50°C. DT-30 P refers to a unique type of high-speed vehicles - articulated tracked vehicles combining high loading capacity and cargo capacity with high performance and maneuverability in heavy traffic and climatic conditions. In the two decades with high efficiency, hundreds of DT-30 is used in various regions of Russia to transport all sorts of oversized cargo, for installation of technological equipment. Widely applied in all branches of the armed forces Knight is doin the most powerful all-terrain vehicles, which is capable in extreme conditions to solve the tasks. He is not afraid of impassable swamps, water barriers, snow and sand. In any of these elements he feels great and taleisha conditions, can carry up to 30 tons of weight.

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