Dwarf Car Race at Thunderhill Raceway from LSS

Dwarf car race at Thunderhil Raceway in Kyle Texas from Lone Star Speedzone

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Dwarf Car Flying 12 feet in the air after he hits another car causing him to flip both 2 cars
Two Dwarf cars crash and one car flies straight up into the sky as the other car turns over.

Dwarf Race-cars
Taped at Tunderhill Raceway in Kyle Texas Beautiful Music is "Time to Follow" from YouTube's http://www.youtube.com/user/Marcomemusic Marcome's musics: http://Marcome.com/newworldmusic

Dwarf Car Setup: Race Day Strategies
How you can be more competitive on race day. Colorado Dwarf Cars Fred Schneider provides some tips on strategy on race day.

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