Texas World Speedway Driver's Edge ACR and ZR-1 in Red Group

CCW on October 8, 2011

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CTS-V Crash at Texas World Speedway
This is what happens when your brembo brakes fail on the back straight of TWS going Clockwise. Nov 2010 during the Drivers Edge driving event. Car is a 2004 Cadillac CTS-V with LS6 volant intake kooks long tubes and high flow cats magnaflow catback custom Hp tuners tune ground control coil over conversion 600/650 psi hotchkiss sway bars race brake pads specter cradle bushings bmr pinion support bmr trailing arms short shifter schroth harness

Texas World Speedway - 2010 ZR1 1:50 lap
NOTE: Ignore the mph speed as it's lagging/not accurate. Michelin slicks and SRF fluid, otherwise stock 2010 ZR1. This was my first session at TWS in a long time and a pretty sloppy lap overall. Problem is, my tires were wearing out throughout the weekend, so I could never officially break into the 40's this weekend.

Chump Car Texas World Speedway 18hr
Crappy Footage from Property Devaluation Racing

Spin in Session 1 - The Drivers Edge (TDE) @ Texas World Speedway (TWS) 11/17/2010
The track was cold and damp. Scary lesson that it takes a couple laps to get some heat in the slicks before attempting any kind of Gs while cornering. Lingenfelter-powered late model ASA stock car #2 in the first session at The Drivers Edge event in November at Texas World Speedway.