Porsche 928 racing at Castle Combe Action Day NCarring

Footage from 2006. N Carrington on track in his Porker 928. 99.9% sure he still has this car too. Pretty nippy for such a large car. ;)

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Porsche 928 - Assemby Line Production, ca. 1986 (English version)
Here's an insightful film which shows the production quality and detail given to every Porsche 928 that rolled out of Zuffenhausen.

Performance Car Action Day Castle Combe 19th April 2008
All the spins , drifting and crashing on a very wet day in Wiltshire Filmed on my old camera so the quality isnt the best

2014 Spring Performance Action Day @ Castle Combe
For more info please visit: https://www.facebook.com/PhotographyByPhilSteadman

Porsche 928 CIS Injector Changeout
A quick video of after installing a set of Mercedes Benz Injectors/Seals, A/F Adjustments and a Test Run.