93 plymouth laser 0-60

this is a quick 0-60 run in my 1993 plymouth laser RS AWD. it is slightly modified, and yes, it is a slushbox. no, i am not doing a conversion, unless you do it for me.

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mustang GTR
the infamous Mustang GTR guy!!! its got the rotary with the pistons!

mazdaspeed 3 0-60
just a run to sixty or so in my mazdaspeed 3. i was'nt using the car and driver method of driving the shit out of it, but maybe soon ill give it a shot.

1990 Plymouth Laser Turbo
Startup and idle.

Great Sounding V8 Plymouth Superbird "Petty Replica"
Whilst filming the Exhaust pipe, the owner revved the engine, it was unbelievably loud, ears were ringing afterwards :)