Midtown Madness 2: London Blitz Races

No, I wont do any blitz races or crash courses for Professional xP

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Midtown Madness 2 Online Pursuit Gameplay 10 (Big Rig Demolition Derby)
One of the most craziest chase i've ever experience in MM2. My bud, Endless, drove a 10-tonne Frieghtliner Century with alot of horsepower under the hood. 7 cops were on him, ended up turning into a demolition derby, but alot of them got scrapped off by this monster maniac within 2 minutes! in the end, it was down to 3 cops vs the semine driver. Due to the lack of enforcements tht happened earlier on the game, he ended up escaping (btw this was part of gameplay since i ran out of space to record the whole vid). Still, this was one heck of a round i would never forget. If SFPD ever get into this kinda pursuit, we should call the military police driving the Light Tatical Vehicle..... Players who attended this gameplay: Cops: Myself (SCPD101 in game): SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser [SIEK] Ryanator: SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser Tom: SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser Guillaume: London Patrol Ford Mustang Cruiser TigerHawk: SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser _DB_: SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser YoshiFan961: SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser Robber: Endless (VoidGGL as his Youtube channel): Frieghtliner Century NOTE: This has been a part of Endless, Ustorm100, Daniel Chow, and SCPD101's list of Christmas videos

Midtown Madness 3 - Gameplay Xbox (Xbox Classic)
Midtown Madness 3 - Gameplay Xbox (Xbox Classic) Visit us at http://www.godgames-world.com For recording I used a Live Gamer Portable (Used as Component to Hdmi Converter) + Live Gamer HD Capture Card for record to PC ::::: Rate, Comment & Subscribe ::::: ::::: Hodnoťte, Komentujte a Odbírejte :::::

Midtown Madness PC Cheats and Mods
These are all the great cheats this game has to offer. Before Midnight Club there was this.

Midtown Madness 2 San Francisco Crash Course Walkthrough
0:00 : Frequent Flyer One of the easiest missions. Avoid the traffic and then line up right for the jump on to the ferry. 0:28 : Hit or Miss Slalom through the trees. They won't break like the ones in London, so take it nice and slow. 0:51 : Turn It Up! This one is a bit tricky. Go nice and slow through the corners so you can avoid traffic, but don't go below the minimum speed of 50 mph! 1:44 : Midterm 1 One of the hardest challenges in the game. Jump the road and slalom through the checkpoints quickly. Then slow it down for the checkpoints under the gate. Take the first two, go around the bridge stabilizer, and hit the last one. Go nice and slow through the small gap in the turn up ahead, but don't go below 50 mph. The rest is simple. This one will probably take some practice. It took me 4 tries, and I've had this game for 11 years. 2:50 : Brake Dancing Use your e-brake as soon or just before you get to the checkpoint, then turn around and do it again. 6 times. 3:55 : The Heat Is On Another very tough challenge. It is midnight, so use your map to guide you through the checkpoints. Avoid hitting traffic, police cars, and the train near the end of the challenge. Be as smooth as possible when turning so you can keep your speed. If you can do this and your pursuers are less lucky with traffic, you will beat the challenge. 5:56 : Bonnie and Collide Hit the track into submission. Try to force him into buildings. 7:40 : Midterm 2 Destroy the truck. Try to gain some speed and hit him full force into buildings. Then drive as fast as you can to the other side of town. Don't worry about the cops. As long as you keep it flat-out and don't mess up, you will lose them. 10:30 : Keep It Clean Drive down the highway flat-out. Avoid the traffic. One touch and you are wrecked. This may require driving between two lanes in order to avoid cars. 11:11 : About Face Do a reverse 180 and drive to the checkpoint. Much easier than its London equivalent. 11:28 : Straight, With Chaser Follow the other Mustang. Avoid traffic. Exactly like the one in the London Crash Course. 13:08 : Midterm 3 Make an e-brake turn the opposite direction the other car looks like it will be heading. Then follow him to the finish. 14:51 : Final Exam By far the hardest challenge in either of the crash courses. It is raining, it is midnight, there is a time limit, and there is a 50 mph minimum speed. This took me SEVENTEEN TRIES to do it properly, and I've had this game for 11 years. Drive around the grassy hill gaining speed. Then drive up the hill at a slight angle. Go as fast as possible up Lombard Street and jump full speed. If you are lucky, you will land firmly on the ground. If you aren't lucky, you will end up upside-down. Slow down as you approach the tight bend. Angle your car correctly and hopefully you will still be above minimum speed when you clear the hill. Get the two checkpoints like I did, do a figure 8 back around and go through the checkpoints at the bottom of the hill. When you reach the second last checkpoint, make a wide sweeping turn around so you don't go below 50 mph. Go through the last checkpoint and be proud. Congrats! You just unlocked the LTV!