Midtown Madness 2: London Blitz Races

No, I wont do any blitz races or crash courses for Professional xP

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Beat The Buses

Midtown Madness 2- Chasing cops
This is what you do if you are chased by cops on san fran. in midtown madness 2!

Midtown Madness 2: San Francisco Blitz Races
This assumes you beat all London crash course races.

Midtown Madness 2 Online Pursuit Gameplay 10 (Big Rig Demolition Derby)
One of the most craziest chase i've ever experience in MM2. My bud, Endless, drove a 10-tonne Frieghtliner Century with alot of horsepower under the hood. 7 cops were on him, ended up turning into a demolition derby, but alot of them got scrapped off by this monster maniac within 2 minutes! in the end, it was down to 3 cops vs the semine driver. Due to the lack of enforcements tht happened earlier on the game, he ended up escaping (btw this was part of gameplay since i ran out of space to record the whole vid). Still, this was one heck of a round i would never forget. If SFPD ever get into this kinda pursuit, we should call the military police driving the Light Tatical Vehicle..... Players who attended this gameplay: Cops: Myself (SCPD101 in game): SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser [SIEK] Ryanator: SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser Tom: SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser Guillaume: London Patrol Ford Mustang Cruiser TigerHawk: SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser _DB_: SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser YoshiFan961: SFPD Ford Mustang Cruiser Robber: Endless (VoidGGL as his Youtube channel): Frieghtliner Century NOTE: This has been a part of Endless, Ustorm100, Daniel Chow, and SCPD101's list of Christmas videos