crazy driver 2 wheel in saudi arabia

crazy driver 2 wheel in saudi arabia

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Crazy "Sidewalk Skiing" in The Saudi Desert
So I was taking this road trip in Saudi Arabia the other day, and all of a sudden, I see this on the road! Okay, I wasn't really in Saudi Arabia, but what you're seeing is the latest craze over there. They call it "sidewalk skiing." And they're taking it seriously too! Al-Mustaheel is the team captain of the "Impossible Group." That's him there in the blue bandana, just, uh, chilling out on the car. [Al-Mustaheel, Imposable Group Team Captain]: "I raise the car on two wheels and drive it on the right and left sides. I do a lot of acrobatic movements, including taking the tires off (while driving) to jump on the sidewalks of the road while driving on two wheels, driving in the desert, lots of things really, with small and large cars, and any car.'' Hm, so he can do this with ANY car eh? Just as well his team members aren't concerned that this may be a little dangerous. [Sahoot, Impossible Group Team Member]: "Unlike the hand break turn movements, unlike accidents, it is possible to get into a minor accidents. Risk is involved in everything, but there's not much danger in this." I thought it would have been dangerous, but Sahoot says it's not, so I guess it's not dangerous. Now this isn't the first crazy, yet completely safe, motorsport that the Sudis have thought up. Check out this video from a while back. These guys seem to be driving on a highway in a semi-urban area so I'm guessing they are going at least 40 miles an hour, maybe even 50 or 60. What kind of shoes are they wearing that the soles don't completely burn through and leave their feet being shredded on the road. Anyway, whether it is changing the wheels of a car driving on two wheels, or elegantly skating on the surface of the highway, the Saudi's certainly do have a passion for motorsport. But what do you think? Are these sports dangerous? Leave your comments below, don't forget to like, subscribe...but most importantly, don't try this at home!

How You Change A Tire In Saudi Arabia
I DO NOT OWN RIGHTS Saudi Arabian Guy Changes Tire While Driving On 2 Wheels. Can you change a tire quickly... It doesn't matter, because your skills fail to impress this crew of suicidal Saudi stunt drivers. No need for a jackstand when... Created on November 10, 2011 using FlipShare Changing a flat tire is a simple task, but if you're not sure how to do it, it can be overwhelming, especially o... SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ▻ VIDEO SENT BY: - ▻ CREDITS: Парни из Саудовской Арабии, вааще молодцы, меняют колеса на ходу и водила тоже супер профи. Saudis changing Wheels/ tyres while driving on TOYOTA FJ CRUISER! Total Saudi MADNESS! Need to change your tire in a hurry... This is the way to do it! Two wheel driving ftw! don't try this in your country. So I was taking this road trip in Saudi Arabia the other day, and all of a sudden, I see this on the road! Okay, I wasn't really in Saudi Arabia, but what yo... You will not see such talent and dangerous adventures only at the young Muslim country of Saudi Arabia, not to underestimate the young man in any other count... Kanalımıza Abone olun Keyfini Çıkarın You've never seen a tyre change quite like this before... Can you change a tire quickly... It doesn't matter, because you... Arab youth Mad Arabia Challenges young people Saudi youth the best driver in the world شاب سعودي افضل سائق في العالم. Only In Saudi Arabia - Two wheel driving, drifts, sidewalk skiing and more stunts! (Compilation) NEW VIDEO: stunts arabian arabic saudi arabia afghanista

مواهب محظوره - prohibited talent
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم .. مجرد فلم قصـير .. مواهب محظوره - prohibited talent تصوير واخراج : ( Meso - photo ) .. مساعد مخرج : ( ar5meds ) نوع الكام ( Canon - 7D ) .. العدسات المستخدمة [ 17-50 ] .. [ 70-200 ] .. [ 10-20 ] كـل الشكر لطـاقم العـمل .. + ( الاستـاااذ ) مشاهده ممتـعه .. ~

Insane Car Flip Prank!
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