Fix It Ticket For Loud Exhaust.

I got pulled over for my Exhaust being to loud. This is a way you can get your fix it ticket sign off. i spent $6 doing this.. but remember, this is not going to last very long, just enough so you can get your ticket sign off. What i used. Sink filter $2.50 3 pack of steel wool $3.50 Good Luck Guys!

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Please Share: Intercepted in the driveway of my home. Click to see details.
Please share this video. I was stopped for an illegal Exhaust while getting out of my car in the driveway of my home. I told the Police officer he was not allowed to step on my property or to touch my car without a police warrant, I told him 3 times he was not welcomed on my property without a warrant. I called another unit by 911 to have 2 more witnesses because the officer was alone and I found his reasoning was totally unjustifiable. I refused to give him my papers until the other unit arrived. I asked the other officers if they thought what the ticketing officer was doing was acceptable, they both said they couldn't comment on the situation. I collected both their badge numbers and names to serve as witnesses in court. I have pictures of the abuse, I have 2 videos of the abuse and I am empowered to get this story visible to as many possible people as there are in the car community. Please share this video to expose this type of unbelievable injustice. I was told that if I went inside of my house to get a cigarette I would be arrested, be placed in cuffs and put in the back seat of the cruiser after I told the police officers to step off of my property, 3 times i told them they were unwelcomed without a warrent!! I was stark raging mad, never could I believe something like this would happen. I was ticketed for 161$ for a Non conforming Exhaust, when it clearly shows in the video that the tape does not enter through the Exhaust, meaning it is chambered and LEGAL according to the CSR Law. Please share this video, get this story exposed!!!! The best part of ALL of this: He also asked me if I understood french correctly when he asked for my papers so I switched to english and I told him, I'm anglophone I wouldn't go there. Thats when he went to give me the ticket. Do you believe that? When I switched to English the look on his face changed and instantly I was ticketed. I spoke French out of courtesy the entire time to be sure he understood me clearly when I told him he was not welcome and my Exhaust WAS LEGAL because IT IS LEGAL I INSTALLED IT MYSELF. But what probably got me though was my English snarky response of "im anglophone dont go there" to his ignorant comment. "Do you understand french clearly" When I had just told him i would not present my papers until I had witnesses. Did you all notice his patrol lights were NEVER lit? HE NEVER INTERCEPTED ME. those lights were never put on and he never put them on the whole time he was halfway parked in the street. Thats downright dangerous! The main officer "agaent de la paix", Yeah Real good job keeping the peace on this St. Jean weekend, all of my neighbours probably think I'm a fucking criminal now.

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