How To Black Out Your Car (For Cheap)

So you want that murdered-out, gangsta fantabulous, all-black, killer minimal look on your car but don't want to spend a ton of money at a custom shop? In this whimsical yet street-savvy video, Automotive Magician of Amazement™ Jon Barnes shows you how to black out your car yourself using vinyl, paint and dental floss. Yes, dental floss. We will cover blacking out your rims, taillights, headlights, shaving emblems, widescreening your signals and adding fuzzy dice. Prepare to be impressed. Or appalled. Good luck. For more information about customizing your car or dental floss visit our website at

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How To Paint Your Car: VINYL GRAPHICS part 2
In this 3 part video series we will cover all the information you need to design and apply vinyl graphics to your car! This is a lot easier than painting your car if you're going for custom graphics and don't want to get messy or find a huge garage to paint it. If you've seen any of the "The Fast and the Furious" movie or been to any car shows then chances are you've seen some pretty amazing vinyl graphics. Vinyl is basically a huge bumper sticker with image and graphics printed right on it. You need to design it on the computer, get it printed then apply. There are a lot of tips, tricks and techniques that you'll need to know so make sure you watch every second of these training videos! Didn't answer your question? Post it here and we'll make sure we answer it! Visit our youtube channel for everything related to cars, music and awesomeness: ...and check out our website for more:

How to Paint Your Car Yourself
Here is the fast version of my home-made instructional film on how to paint your own car yourself. This is no dialogue just the whole process from start to finish. Totally D.i.Y., low cost- enjoy.

HOW TO PAINT YOUR CAR- Part 1: Prep, Sand, Prime
This video will show you how to prep your car and get ready to paint it. I'll talk about getting your surface ready, using sandpaper, removing pinstripes, priming and more. There are 3 parts plus a TIME LAPSE version so check them all out! Didn't answer your questions? Post it below, we'll make sure you get what you need.

How To Remove and Paint Scion XB Dash (With Plasti-Dip Black)
What's Plasti-Dip? It's a magical spray (and liquid) that puts a matte rubbery coating on just about anything! I used to paint my car accessories and then suddenly discovered Plast-Dip. These videos are my first tries at experimenting with Plasti-Dip so bear that in mind! I try to give you some good advice but I really need the true Plast-Dip masters to comment where needed. Here you go, enjoy and start dippin'! © 2012 Jon Barnes and the Pumthuggee Underground